Charlotte Lewis (P HE 1994 – 1998), who has represented her country in two different Sports, says she owes it all to Wycliffe.

I was at Wycliffe College for four years, starting at the Prep School and progressing on to the Senior School before having to leave as my dad was due to leave the Armed Forces.

I loved being at Wycliffe and really did not want to leave. I always enjoyed my time at school because I love to learn and although I may not always have found it easy, I enjoyed the challenge.

I was a full boarder and thrived on the independence it gave me from a young age and believe it gave me a great standing for my future life as an adult. Being part of a small community and living with your mates in a house was great fun and they were my extended family. I have some great friends with whom I am still in touch.

I was driven to achieve. At Wycliffe I had a dream to play Hockey for England. I ended up being capped for Scotland at Rugby and Great Britain with American Football. My playing career in Sports gave me a solid grounding and an understanding of how to achieve my goals. Without being at Wycliffe I don’t think I would have ever thought or dreamed of playing for my country in any sports.

There were so many great teachers at Wycliffe – both in the Prep school and in the Senior – many inspiring me in all different ways. However, I was very sport orientated and I was encouraged most by my Sports/ PE teachers – Mrs Warden and Mr Newns. They were always helping me to push my boundaries and I was also inspired by fellow older pupils; seeing what they were achieving and wanting to almost do the same.

Wycliffe taught me to ‘work hard, play hard’ – work hard in training, play hard in a game and enjoy the moment. The same works in my career, I work hard at that and enjoy the success that comes with it. I do not have a normal 9-5 job, I like a bit of variety and that is fantastic for me. I am now self-employed in a few roles; a rugby coach, personal trainer, stand up paddle board instructor and I also have my own business which brings my love of adventure and dogs together.

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