OW Oliver Bruce (P 2003) is passionate about enabling people to achieve their potential. That’s why when he was approached to be a Business Mentor with The Prince’s Trust, he jumped at the chance.

At the age of 19, Oliver launched his first business. Now Oliver is 25 years old and his company, PinpointMedia, is one of the fastest growing media firms in the UK.

In 2018 Oliver won the IoD (Institute of Directors) South West Director of the Year in addition to attending the NatWest Entrepreneur of the Year awards amongst others.

When he is not focusing on his own businesses Oliver is mentoring start-up businesses for The Prince’s Trust. It’s not a huge step from how he has grown his own company. His ethos is to invest in people who are “a lot better than me” in content creation and to “give them the freedom to do something different without being judged by it”.

The result is that PinpointMedia is in the top 10% of creative agencies, in terms of turnover and size.

Oliver, who grew up in a Forces family, spent three years at Wycliffe Prep. He attributes Wycliffe for enabling him to develop his creative side. Creativity allowed him to fully express himself while dyslexia and dyspraxia made traditional academic work more challenging.

While at University, Oliver and a friend created an iphone and android app and the rest, as they say, is history. “I didn’t plan on being an entrepreneur. It just evolved. While we were working on the app we realised  quite quickly there was a market for low-cost, high-quality videos which was an offering the app included, upon realizing this we scratched the app, changed our business model and focused primarily on this aspect”.

One of his first clients was his own school, Wycliffe. “It was a nice OW thing to do and I appreciated the support Wycliffe gave me.”

Oliver is enjoying his voluntary role at The Prince’s Trust and is finding it fulfilling. “So many entrepreneurs need to be nurtured. When you start out you are often shot down – a lot. You need to focus on proving people wrong, proving to people there is a different way to do things.”

His advice for Wycliffe pupils is never give up. “Don’t be scared of failure. It’s only feedback so take it on board and move on. There is no such thing as failure,” explains Oliver. “Understand what you are good at and build on that.”

Oliver is currently raising seed capital and taking investment for a new business ‘Pocket Creativ’ which is due to be a unique and fully bespoke online platform for Creatives and Businesses. The platform and business itself is due to launch nationally in early 2020. To invest or find out more visit PocketCreative.com or visit their funding page on Seedrs.


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Friday 20th March

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