Wycliffe Pupils Thrive in the Face of New GCSE Challenge

August 23, 2018 9:21 am


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Despite the dire warnings in some circles, Wycliffe’s pupils are celebrating another fine set of GCSE results this morning.  In the harder, new-style GCSEs, graded 9-1, more than 93% of results were grade 4 or above (the new pass standard) and 80% were a ‘strong’ pass (9-5).

To show just how outstanding this performance was, at the outset of their studies only just over half were predicted to achieve that standard in a cohort of truly mixed ability.  Wycliffe prides itself on its value-added performance and this year’s results really seem to justify that pride.

As a result, individual performances included many whose achievements showed progress beyond expectations whilst at the top end, Olivia Garrard’s (pictured below left) seven grade 9s and an 8 stands out as an astonishing achievement for the girl from Chalford.  In addition, Atolani Oyewumi from Middlesex secured two 9s, one A*, two 8s and an A in his batch of grades, Seb Clarke of Gloucester achieved two 9s, two 8s, an A* and two As, James Clements from Westfalen, Germany, scored three 9s, three 8s, and an A, and Amy Cook (pictured below right) from Stroud two 9s, four 8s and an A.

Wycliffe’s Head, Nick Gregory said “Both pupils and teaching staff alike have shown commendable flexibility, optimism and resilience in adapting to the demands placed upon them by the move to the new 9-1 framework at GCSE.  For many pupils, the sheer number of different subjects that they have to stay on top of can make GCSEs even more challenging than A Levels or BTECs.  With that in mind, I am really pleased to see that, virtually across-the-board, pupils’ hard work and dedication has been rewarded with some excellent results.  At a time when, across the country, both modern languages and creative subjects seem to be under threat, I am especially pleased to report that 2/3 of all of our pupils taking Art secured a top ‘9’ grade and would also like to highlight that most of our pupils secured a good pass in at least one language (in Spanish, for example, almost ½ of pupils earned a top grade).  In our local area where expertise in engineering is so prevalent, 62% of pupils in Physics securing 7, 8 or 9 also catches the eye.”

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