Eric Harle (Former Staff)

(1950 - 1988 )

Eric Harle was a teacher at Wycliffe for 21 years. He joined the maths department in 1950 after three years at Monmouth School, and was Head of Maths by the time he left Wycliffe in 1971. He was also deputy housemaster at Springfield. He was involved with the construction of the School Chapel after the original chapel was destroyed by fire. He ran the Boat Club for many years, and, along with Peter Beynon, supervised the construction of the “new” boat house and landing stage.

One of his biggest frustrations was when he was offered a computer by IBM in about 1969, but the school didn’t have the two big rooms that would have been needed to house it!

He left Wycliffe in 1971 to become headmaster at Drewsteignton School in Glasgow, and became the first rector when the school merged with the old Glasgow High School to become the High School of Glasgow. He retired in 1983, and moved back down to Gloucestershire, although he came back to Wycliffe for some part time work, teaching A-level maths.

He died on July 17th 2017 at Athelstan Care Home in Malmesbury, after a short illness, just a few weeks before celebrating his 67th wedding anniversary with his wife, Ruth.

He also leaves his three children, Elizabeth, Timothy (J & Spr 1961 – 1971) and Jonathan (J & Spr 1964 – 1975.)


Sixth Form Open Evening

Wednesday 25th September

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