Rick (David Richard) Holloway

(W 1966 - 1970)

Sadly, I have to report that my younger brother Rick Holloway, who like me was in Wards House, died of bone cancer on Monday 23 October in Bristol, aged 64 yrs. He was a 1st six tennis player at Wycliffe and went on to represent Gloucestershire County at both Junior and Senior levels. He became a Small & Medium Business Adviser and Company Director of several businesses in the Bristol Area. He leaves a wife Jayne and two teenage children. The funeral will be held at Woodlands Memorial Trust, Alveston, on Monday 13 November at 12 midday. Family flowers only. 

Rick Holloway’s Farewell Celebration.

Monday 13th November 2017. Woodlands Memorial Trust, Alveston, near Bristol.

On a cold but shining bright day in November, approximately 200 people gathered to celebrate the life of Rick Holloway, who sadly died on Monday 23rd October in Bristol. Family members and friends had travelled some distance to be there at this wonderful woodland site a few miles North of Bristol in a wooded area. The car parks were full and the gathering venues were overflowing also. So many people wanted to be there to say goodbye and celebrate a life well lived and to be with one another at this time, to give support also especially to Rick’s wife Jayne and their children Will (16) and Alice (14), who had a small coterie of their friends and peers with them also. Billy and Bella also graced the occasion and gave us some interesting yelps between the speeches.

There are no clocks at Woodlands Memorial just a large bell which was struck at 12midday to indicate movement to the Memorial Hall (I would almost have said Chapel) after the mourners had met and greeted one another for some time beforehand. It was a relaxed transition from animated greetings to respectful listening. Christine, the ‘celebrant’, did a great job in welcoming everyone and making people feel at home as the 120-seater hall was filled and many sat in the central Aisle while others stood at the back but everyone was inside and could hear, even if they could not see those who gave their reflections on Rick’s life.

Rick’s siblings started the ball rolling with accounts of their shared childhood, schooldays and family holidays. Simon recounted their shared experiences of Braidlea and Wycliffe Schools as well as some family holidays in Cornwall and Spain, Claire amusingly reminisced about Christmas Eve Open House and Skiing Holidays, while Tim talked about his nurturing Hero older brother who cared for him as an infant and initiated him into child labour and helped him onto the property ladder. Tim also spoke about Rick’s crafty ‘Back Game’ and skill in knowing when to leave the Property Development world for another career.

A recurring theme of the reflections was how Rick had helped couples find each other and this role as ‘Matchmaker’ and ‘Serial Best Man, was a revelation to some!

Steve and Jon shared a house with Rick during the heady days of the Property Boom in West London and Debbie also talked about the amazing social life of the West End Set around Rainham Road. There was an amusing account of Rick’s bold entry to Cumberland Tennis Club with his tennis partner Adrian. Rick was certainly a ‘mover and shaker’ and catalyst for wonderful adventures both in the business world and the social scene. His love of Jazz shone through the service with appropriate selections from Van Morrison, Stefane Grappelli, Sting and others.

Roger spoke on behalf of the ‘Inner Circle’ at Bristol Tennis Club and recounted sporting and walking adventures along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path. Ricardo was known as Mr. Spreadsheet, with one for every occasion both business and social… Roger quoted some extracts from Kipling’s ‘IF’ applied to Rick’ life.  A few others spoke from the floor about Rick’s impact on their lives, particularly with his inclusive & welcoming nature

Jayne thanked all for coming then summed up and gave a moving account of Rick’s home life and immense pride in his wife and children and aspirations for their future – Will as his tennis partner and Alice as his bridge partner. Rick was clever, humble and yet able to laugh at himself. He had a wide circle of friends and interests. He was a man of integrity and great fun. He lived life to the full and won the respect and gratitude of many, many people not only of his own generation but those of the next ones. Those who knew Rick’s parents could see that he was a ‘Chip off the Old Block’, combining the best qualities and skills from both Peter and Coo. His love of tennis, good food & wine, green fingers, planning and nurturing all combined in a life that was lived to the full. He will be missed but his memory will live on.

The family escorted the Bier with Rick in a wicker coffin to the Burial Ground near the Oak Circle at the far end of the Woodlands Memorial site. Christine led us in appropriate and empathetic words of remembrance and many joined in scattering some earth into the grave. The celebration continued for several hours more as we consumed wine, squash and tea along with a buffet in the Barn on two levels, where we could also view a montage of photos and make donations to two charities.  We were given bulbs to take home and plant in our gardens to remember Rick.

Simon Holloway

Sixth Form Open Evening

Wednesday 25th September

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