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TWS AGM Minutes 2019

June 14, 2019 10:52 am


Minutes of the Annual Meeting of the Wycliffian Society

11:00am Saturday, 4 May 2019

Pavilion, Wycliffe, Stonehouse


Chairman’s Welcome

The President, John Hughes, welcomed everyone to Wycliffian Day 2019 and to the Annual Meeting which opened at 11:00am on Saturday 4 May 2019.


Robin Bacon, Paul Etheridge, Ash Bodey, Vicki Watson, Phil Clements, Tom Wood

The minutes from the 2017 Annual Meeting were proposed by the President, seconded by Major H Britton-Johnson and unanimously accepted by those present.

TWS Management Committee Report

John Hughes gave an overview of the year’s events.

We were saddened that Fred Ford, our chairman, decided to step down due to business commitments. We owe much to Fred and his leadership as he made us concentrate on the future needs of the Society and the impact using Social Media, correctly and responsibly, can make.

Andrew Golding left his position as Finance Director of Wycliffe on 31 August 2017 and we have welcomed Tom Wood who has joined as Finance & Operations Director of Wycliffe in 21 August 2017.

Sarah Indranie, TWS Manager, resigned in July 2018 and Victoria Vicary, previously TWS Officer, has taken on the TWS Manager role in September 2018.

Carol Robinson has stepped down from the Committee during the year due to personal and business commitments, we express our thanks for her energy and enthusiasm that she has given to TWS over the three years she has been on the Committee.

We are pleased to advise that we have secured the services of two new Committee members, Stephanie Bagnell (C L 2014 -16) and Vicki Watson (HE 1989 – 91) – they are putting themselves up for election later in the meeting.

We still have a need for two more persons to join us on the Committee – please contact either Vicks or myself if you are interested.

Since we last met, there have been significant developments, probably the most substantial of which, is that we are learning to use the power of social media and have updated our electronic communication system. We have a long way to go on this and also recognise there is still a big need to use the written word and not depend on solely on electronic communication.

We published our First Edition of The Wycliffian Society Times which will become an Annual publication. This was sent to all known OWs electronically and by post where applicable.

We now publish a termly event e-newsletter, this goes out to all OWs and Honorary OWs for whom we have an email address with regular reminders of events.

We are promoting the TWS Logo on everything we do – including the new umbrellas and rugby shirts and will be advertising this and other merchandise on our website.

We have been out into the big world beyond Stonehouse:

  • Our Drinks events have grown from an average attendance of 40 to over a 100 in London
  • We have been to Bristol, to the Alma Tavern, and intend to go again this year
  • We have been to Birmingham and will be visiting again
  • Locally we meet bi-annually and are attracting an ever increasing number of OWs and their friends
  • A party went to the Cheltenham Gold Cup
  • A party will be going again to the Cheltenham Cricket Festival
  • A party went to the Gloucestershire Festival of Polo
  • And we have welcomed OWs back to College events

(all the above organised by the TWS office)

We are also actively supporting The Wycliffian Golfing Society and The Wycliffe Watermen – both these Groups would welcome new members.

We have upgraded our software (Raiser’s Edge) so that we can record in greater detail the records of our members – we are continually trying to track down those OWs who have disappeared off our list. This is a time consuming task.

We are keen to support and promote OW businesses, both locally and further afield, and this is something we are looking to build and will need support with over the next year.

We have supported, and will continue to do so, The College when they need expert help in the education / training of College pupils, for example with Careers events or Wycliffe Talks. The number of OWs coming back to give their time to Wycliffe grows every year.

There is so much more to do.

However the most significant move we have made is to offer a three year award to a Year 13 student to enable them to pursue a university education when without this support they might not be able to extend their academic studies. Called The Wycliffian Society Award, the award, is worth £3k per annum over three years – a total of £9k. Stephanie Bagnall was the first recipient of the TWS Award and she graduates this summer.

We also want to build on our careers networking which we actively encourage at our Drinks events – this means we are able to give Wycliffe students and recent leavers added support when they go out into the big wide world.



Re-election and election of members:

The President asked for the approval of two new members, two new ex-officio members and the re-election of the current TWS Management Committee. Proposed by Major H Britton-Johnson, seconded by S C Coombs and unanimously agreed by all present.

John Hughes indicated his willingness to continue as Interim Chair until such time that a permanent Chair is appointed, or until the next AGM, whichever is the soonest. This was proposed by P Daniels, seconded by Major H Britton-Johnson and unanimously agreed by all.

Committee Members

Interim Chair and President – John Hughes

Management Committee Members – Tom Woods, Stephanie Bagnall, Ash Bodey, Vicki Watson

Ex-officio Members – Nick Gregory, Tom Wood, Victoria Vicary

Financial Report A copy of the Report was included in the AGM Programme at the meeting and in Tom Wood’s absence, Finance & Operations Director of Wycliffe, John Hughes advised there was nothing to raise. The Chair stated the Society is in good health and gave a vote of thanks to Tom Wood and his staff for dealing with the TWS accounts on behalf of the Society.

P Beynon stated that looking at the accounts there seemed to be a lot of money held on deposit for a charity. TWS Committee to take this question and will report back post next Committee meeting.

Major H Britton-Johnson asked why more was not held on deposit with COIF as he said this would have the better interest rate. Action for the Finance Director.

In Memorium

The Chairman informed those present that a list of departed Old Wycliffians was listed in the programme. He asked all present to join for a moments’ silence to remember those OWs we have lost during the past two years.

Nominations for Honorary OW’s and Associates

The list of nominees for consideration for Honorary/Life Membership to the Society was tabled by The Chair. This was proposed by P Daniels and seconded by Major H. Britton-Johnson. The list was unanimously agreed by all.


P Daniels expressed an interest in being on the TWS Management Committee. John Hughes to liaise with P Daniels over the next few months.

P Daniels expressed a desire for more communication from TWS, more reflections from OWs and not just relying on social media to spread the word. He said that many of his generation do not use social media. John Hughes reassured everyone present that it is about getting the balance right, we do not want to bombard people with too many emails.

F Smith queried whether, in light of the school uniform colour change, there would be a change to the TWS colours. John Hughes confirmed that The Society will keep the colours from the Heraldic Achievement, Sibly coat of arms with the bold and loyal motto – red, black and gold.

P Daniels expressed a desire for a reprint of the Wycliffe 1882 – 1992 book and an updating of this book. John Hughes assured P Daniels that we would work with College to ensure that recent history is not lost.

The meeting closed at 11.50am, there were 17 attendees.

Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March from 1.30pm to 4.00pm.

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