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Wycliffe Watermen AGM Minutes – Sept 2019

October 17, 2019 9:53 am

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The Wycliffe Watermen

Minutes of Annual Meeting 2019

 held in the Council Chamber, Wycliffe College on September 30th 2019

Present: Committee Members: Trevor Jones (Chair), Phil Clements OW, Mark Pollard OW, Peter Salvin OW, Greg Flower (Director of Rowing).

Also Present: Fred Ballard OW, Ben Taylor (Director of Sport), James Rant (Wycliffe Parent) Laura Ralph (Assistant Director of Rowing)

Apologies: OWs: John Hughes, Mark Kenchington, Charles McFadden, Michael Ball, John Hutchen, Roger Dixon, Huw Williams and Mike Murphy (Coach Wycliffe Junior Rowing Club).

Appointments: Trevor Jones explained that all members of the current committee (listed above) are two years through three year term of office so there was no need for any elections this year.

Watermen Finances are administered by the school and are held as a ring-fenced item within The Wycliffe Society account.  A financial statement was circulated.  The Watermen started the year with £38,614.  The association made a grant of £21,000 being 50% of the cost a Hudson boys’ quad and Hudson girls’ double (both top quality boats). The school funded the other 50%.  Unfortunately, serious snowfall forced the cancellation of The Wycliffe Big Head, which therefore lost £4,410 leaving the Watermen fund at £13,204 at the AGM.

Report on the Boat Club by Greg Flower

The future is looking bright for rowing at Wycliffe.  There is a high performance group including members of Wycliffe Junior RC.  WJRC is a group of boys and girls largely from Bristol who scull under Wycliffe colours and have been successful at national level.  The subs they pay are compatible with those for juniors at other clubs and help the College to fund its rowing programme. Several WJRC members have gone on to become Wycliffe students.  The success of WJRC has also attracted other athletes to apply for Sports Scholarships at Wycliffe.  Many of the top boats are composites of Wycliffe students and WJRC members.

Greg Flower was able to report that in recent years he had to run the club only on the athletes’ subscriptions and that, as a result, the stock of boats and equipment was aging.  However, in the past year the school had purchased: 50% of the new boats mentioned above, 100% of the cost of new ergos (rowing machines), a second-hand towing vehicle and was having some of the boats refurbished.  In addition, an anonymous benefactor was providing a new quad for girls and some of the older equipment will be sold.

Greg Flower and Ben Taylor (Wycliffe’s Director of Sport) had produced a ‘Wycliffe College Rowing Pathway’ outlining the plans for rowing and rowing participation at the school.  Both backed the plan and were happy with it.  Committee members were encouraged to study the plan before the next committee meeting.  Trevor Jones, who recalled many difficulties with participation during his time as Head of Rowing, welcomed the evident co-operation involved.

A new longer 24 years lease on the Boathouse has been signed with the Canal and Rivers Trust.

AOB.  Trevor Jones thanked Mark Pollard and Greg Flower for the excellent newsletter which was circulated to all Watermen a few months ago.  A pattern of two newsletters annually will be established, one at the end of the Head season, the other after the regatta season.

Date of the next AGM Monday Sept 21st 2020, 7pm

Trevor Jones

Chief Steward, The Wycliffe Watermen

Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March from 1.30pm to 4.00pm.

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