Young Dragons: The Real Business Challenge 2017

March 7, 2017 11:44 am


This is a National competition managed by Coca Cola Enterprises Limited and allows students in Years 9-11 to work together to practice a broad range of skills from teamwork and leadership through to communication, problem-solving and budget management, the aim, being to help them to develop skills for greater employability in a competitive job market.

Our team began meeting in September during Monday Activity time and consisted of 8 students from Year 9 to Year 11 and DY. We had to work on meeting the brief from Coca Cola to design a soft drink that promotes healthy living and supports the ‘Special Olympics’.

We worked really hard until the submission day in December to create ‘Cherrified’, a healthy soft drink which is aimed at older teenagers and young adults. We submitted our presentation which outlined the target market, costs involved in production of our drink and the marketing strategy we would use to promote it, and were thrilled when we were chosen to attend the Regional Final of ‘The Real Business Challenge’ in Bristol on 31st January.

The day in Bristol was very professional and blew all of our expectations. The venue was branded with the Coca-Cola logo, we all had professional lanyards waiting for us with our names on and we had a Coca Cola executive working with our team for the day. We were competing with ten other schools from the South West, many of whom had travelled up from Devon and Cornwall. Over 1000 schools had taken part in this competition Nationally, and there were over 100 school entries for the South West area alone, so we were thrilled to have got this far and down to top ten in the South West!

As a team we had a new brief to work on for the day which included having to produce a radio advertisement, an info graph, a bus shelter poster, a charity event to make money, and a PowerPoint presentation to display. All of these tasks were to promote the ‘Special Olympics’ which is an event this year held in Sheffield for people with mental disabilities (not the Paralympics).

We were determined to try and win as the winning school took home £1000. We split into two teams, one doing the creative element and one doing the economic side. I was in the creative team with Gleb, Wills and Maryna. Wills and I focused on the radio ad, whilst Gleb and Maryna worked on the bus poster and info graph. Wills and I drafted the script very well by using rhetorical questions to the audience. Once we had completed that by the very strict guidelines, we went to the studio to record it and then edit the finished version which would be played as part of our presentation later

Time was really tight and it was hard to meet the deadlines, and we had a huge sense of satisfaction when we finally handed in the final presentation.

We decided that Dannil, Gleb and myself should do the presentation which was really nerve-racking as there were over one hundred people in the room. We were the final school to go up to present. We walked up to the stage as the presenter read out our school name and the music was playing in the background. The music dimmed down and we started. We did our best and gave it our best shot, but sadly we did not win this time. We learned a lot and now we know what to improve on when it comes to next year. Bring on Young Business Challenge 2018!

Ben Bayliss. Year 9

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