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The society supports and connects all past and present members of the College. Receive the latest news and updates from Wycliffe College community.

A warm welcome to The Wycliffian Society (TWS)Receive the latest OW news and events, share your stories and reminisce, offer career connections and network and support current Wycliffians in the school.

We want to share the achievements of our alumni around the world. Wycliffe College produces talented OWs across various industries in the world and we continue to follow your many successes with considerable interest and pride. 

As a school with nearly 140 year history, we are committed to promoting a pioneering spirit and encourage individuals to flourish and embrace their futures as global citizens.  

You are a part of a growing global network of Wycliffians. We are committed to making The Wycliffian Society as relevant and helpful to you as we can. 

Please keep in touch, share your stories with us and take part!


John Hughes, President of The Wycliffian Society (P H 1953 – 1961)
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Connecting and Supporting Wycliffians

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