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The Wycliffian Society (TWS) provides direct support to The College, alumni, friends and affiliates and our network is becoming an evolving communication hub as well as a diverse resource for continual lifelong development and opportunities for all current and future Wycliffians.

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wycliffealumni @wycliffealumni
The Wycliffian Society  @wycliffealumni
Gold Cup Day anyone? We are offering Club Enclosure tickets for Friday 15th March for £70 per ticket - saving £32 p… https://t.co/i7VZTsHBhC 
The Wycliffian Society  @wycliffealumni
Look who popped in today? OW Sasha Tsoy (L 2012 - 2014) joined the Golightlys for lunch and a trip down memory lane… https://t.co/UflxN4qMWN 

Upcoming Open Events at Wycliffe

 Prep School Open Morning – Saturday 6th October, 10am – 12pm

Senior School Open Morning – Saturday 6th October, 9am – 12pm

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