What is An Independent School?

Date Posted: 24th October

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In the UK, the education system is made up of state and independent schools which can also be known as private schools. An independent school is a type of school in the UK that operates as an alternative to schools funded and managed by government agencies. This gives them the freedom to make more choices about how they are operated whilst still being subject to government-standardised scrutiny of their provision. Fees are charged for pupils to attend independent schools. There are more than 2000 independent schools in the UK and around 8% of the UK’s population is educated in this type of setting. Independent schools come in a wide range of types and sizes, and you will find experiences at schools differ greatly. Below we’re going to look more closely at some of the key questions about independent schools.

What is an independent day school in the UK?

An independent day school is a private or independent school that does not offer a boarding provision. These schools have pupils who attend daily and go back to their own homes at the end of the day. Day schools often have a larger proportion of local British pupils when compared with boarding schools as international pupils need the provision of accommodation on-site to attend the school. Some independent schools such as Wycliffe offers both day and boarding provision.

What is an independent boarding school?

An independent boarding school is a private or independent school that offers residential accommodation to pupils. Boarding schools provide pupils with a home away from home during term-time and allow them to live and study on campus during the school year. Independent boarding schools attract a larger number of international pupils as parents can choose to send their children to a boarding school in the UK from any location worldwide.

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What sector is an independent school?

An independent school is a private sector organisation. They are funded by fees paid by parents or carers and do not rely upon government funding like state schools. There is no single type of independent school, and you will find different institutions that deliver a range of provisions, offering considerable diversity. There are independent schools in the UK with as few as 50 pupils and others with as many as 2,500.

What is an independent preparatory school?

An independent Preparatory school is the private school equivalent of primary and middle school in the UK state system. Most Preparatory or Prep schools are for pupils aged 7 to 13. Preparatory schools do what their name suggests and prepare their pupils for their move up to Senior School. Like all independent schools, Prep schools are not required to follow the National Curriculum, though many do use it as a foundation from which to work from. Wycliffe Prep School enriches it’s curriculum through initiatives such as The Wycliffe Discovery Programme on Saturday Mornings – which encourages Year 6,7 and 8 to develop critical skills they will need in later life – such as how to debate and discuss, research and work together as team to problem solve.

Before attending Preparatory school, many pupils will also attend a Pre-Prep school so they are ready for the experience and get used to independent education. It is not necessary to attend a Pre-Prep school, but it is quite common.

You can find out more about what a prep school is here.

About Wycliffe Independent School

Wycliffe Independent School is a co-ed Secondary school with day and boarding pupils. It is conveniently located just 90 minutes from London in the heart of the Cotswolds. Beautiful English countryside surrounds the school and pupils benefit from a dynamic and individualised education with first-class facilities and a vast extra-curricular programme that includes over 60 weekly activities.

Pupils attend Wycliffe from countries from across the world and our boarding houses welcome a diverse range of pupils. Our flexible approach to boarding allows pupils to enjoy a regular weekly flexi-boarding experience and day pupils can even board on occasional basis as and when the need arises.

We are proud to have a global – outlook; International pupils allow us to share and learn from each other’s cultures and as a Round Square School, we are part of Round Square’s internationally diverse network of 200 school across 50 countries. ,  and Plus, our Overseas University Programme helps students apply and attend some of the world’s most prestigious universities at the end of their time with us.

Wycliffe is proud to be a perfect mix of the traditional and modern, with a broad curriculum and forward-thinking approach to education. The college is set in 52-acres of private land and pupils are given every opportunity to develop academically as well as embrace their talents and passions.

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