Wycliffe’s caring community supports Forces children throughout their educational journey

Wycliffe closely supports The British Armed Forces families in every part of school and home life from Nursery to Year 13 – ensuring stability, security and flexibility in a strong and caring community.

We can take children from the age of three as a Day pupil in our Nursery, and from Year 3 onwards (aged seven and up), pupils can board with us. Class sizes in the Prep School are an average of 12 pupils, ensuring individual attention and focussed learning.

Progress from Year 8 at the Prep School to Year 9 in the Senior School is a seamless transition with no entrance exam required. Most of our pupils follow this route.

The Senior School offers 20 GCSE options, including more unusual ones, such as Business Studies and Japanese. In Year 12, pupils can choose 28 options; including three BTECs (Sport, Business and Digital Production) and the Extended Project Qualification.

Lots of Forces Boarders and a few from abroad…Weekends great fun and, though Boarders are allowed out, there tends to be an inflow of Day pupils staying for special activities rather than a general exodus.

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Sophia’s Story

My family has generations of Ghurkas in the British and Indian Army from both sides of my parents. [Nepal] is where my Dad grew up, walking four hours to school every day before succeeding in becoming a Ghurka. My parents constantly remind me that some people have more difficult lives and that I should always be grateful for what I have and the supportive group of people around me. The education I have received at Wycliffe has allowed me to think and help other people, whilst achieving my own goals. I volunteered in Nepal. I worked at Kathmandu Hospital to enhance my knowledge about the quality of healthcare that patients receive in less economically-developed countries. I hope to be a doctor and help aid people in crisis around the world.


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