Wycliffe Independent Secondary School in Gloucester (Aged 13-19)

With approximately 420 pupils from Year 9 to Year 13, Wycliffe Senior School in Gloucestershire is a perfect size – small enough that all pupils are known and valued, and with superior facilities to give a diverse extra-curricular programme and deliver an academic curriculum of great choice. Pupils join the Senior School upon leaving the Prep School in Year 8. We engender in our pupils a ‘pioneering spirit’, confidence to be individual, and a global outlook so that they leave us fully prepared for an ever-changing world.

You could have three children with different interests and abilities and all would be well catered for.

Wycliffe Parent

Why Choose Wycliffe Co-ed Senior School?

We at Wycliffe believe that our robust, enhanced curriculum and excellent pastoral care, as well as extensive extracurricular activities, can help students achieve their full potential regardless of their background or initial learning stage. Pupils at Wycliffe are nurtured to develop a confident and independent skill set to thrive in an ever-changing world. We see the importance of enabling our young people to develop resilience in positively facing any future challenges.

If you’re looking for the right private secondary school for your child, why not get in touch to discover all that we can offer at Wycliffe.

Boarding at Wycliffe

From full to flexible boarding options, Senior School pupils at Wycliffe receive a well-rounded education in a safe and nurturing environment. All students are well-looked after with first-class facilities on campus, including:

  • Swimming pool
  • State-of-the-art theatres
  • Astro-turfs
  • and more…

Boarding at Wycliffe gives pupils a mix of culture, community, individualised learning and personalised care which enables pupils to develop and thrive in the areas they love. Every boarder is made to feel part of the Wycliffe family; our boarding houses offer a home away from home, where pupils feel safe and protected. We ensure pupils have the foundations to excel during their time at Wycliffe and beyond.

Explore our Senior Boarding Houses at Wycliffe.

Private Secondary School for Years 9 to 11

Wycliffe aims to help every pupil succeed in a number of ways, from specialist teachers to keeping class sizes small to providing a network of support to ensure pupils thrive in their chosen avenue. Students are given individual action plans, and their progress is monitored from the time they join the school up until the very end point. When a pupil leaves, Wycliffe ensure they have had every opportunity to achieve their full potential and is well supported into life’s next endeavours.

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Changing Your Child’s School in Year 9

You might be looking to change your child’s school from Year 9, which we understand can feel daunting. However, finding your child the right school for them opens a greater opportunity to fulfil their future goals and be the happiest they can be. Change is an inevitable part of life and if you feel your child will benefit from moving schools at this age then it can be an exciting, positive change.

Read more on whether you should change your child’s school in year 9. Or, if you’ve made your decision, download our free guide on how to move schools successfully.

Sixth Form at Wycliffe – Years 12-13

Wycliffe Sixth Form students can choose between 26 different A-Levels, three BTECs in Digital Production, Sport and Business, along with the Extended Project Qualification. Our subject option blocks are built around what our students pick which offers greater freedom to choose the right subjects for them. At Wycliffe, we’re also proud to offer a leading Sixth Form provision with over 160 pupils in our Years 12 and 13.

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Pre-A Level Development Year

At Wycliffe we also offer a Pre-A Level Development year (DY) for international pupils between the ages of 15-17 years old. This is an ideal option for children who wish to complete their A-Levels but aren’t quite ready due to their English or subject knowledge. We currently have approximately 25 pupils from all over the world on this programme.

Discover Wycliffe Senior School

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Nick Gregory

‘Our community is diverse, positive, inclusive and forward-looking…’

Education is about more than just a number of academic lessons delivered in the classroom and instead involves a school being concerned about the development of the whole person.

Now, as always, a boy or girl’s time at Wycliffe must be an ‘experience’ in itself – something to be enjoyed and valued for its own intrinsic value and not just a means to an end of walking away with some exam results. Most importantly, our pupils will benefit enormously from being around each other, often without realising it. Our community is diverse, positive, inclusive and forward-looking. The friends that boys and girls make will enrich their educational and social lives not just here and now but will also be amongst their friends for life for the future.

Mr Nick Gregory

Headmaster of Wycliffe

A lot of schools talk the talk but Wycliffe really delivers.

Parent of Y9 Pupil