Wycliffe College

International Boarding Schools

Wycliffe College is a culturally diverse and cosmopolitan international boarding school. We celebrate the diversity of our pupils and look forward to welcoming new pupils from across the world.

Whether your child would like to join us at Year 9, Year 10, Development Year or Year 12, the application process is the same.

We will first ask to see copies of their last two school reports, and if they have Special Educational Needs, we will ask for copies of their Educational Psychologists Report or Individual Education Plan (IEP). We ask for this to ensure that we can meet your child’s needs.

Following this, we will invite you to both visit us (if possible) and to register your child, by completing the registration form and submitting the required registration fee.

We will then ask your child to take our diagnostic entrance tests. These tests are completed to ensure that your child can successfully access their chosen curriculum.

The tests consist of three online Computerised Ability Tests (CAT), which assess verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial reasoning; and a hand written essay question, to assess your child’s level of English comprehension. These tests can be taken at your child’s current school, at an Educational Agent’s office or at another officiator office. In order to maintain exam conditions, we regret that the tests cannot be taken at your home.

Once the tests have been completed, our academic team will assess the application in full and will be able to advise if an offer of place can be made.

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