Wycliffe School & College is an International Boarding School based in the UK …

Whether your child would like to join us at Year 9, Year 10, Development Year or Year 12, the application process is the same.

We will first ask to see copies of their last two school reports, and if they have Special Educational Needs, we will ask for copies of their Educational Psychologists Report or Individual Education Plan (IEP). We ask for this to ensure that we can meet your child’s needs.

Following this, we will invite you to both visit us (if possible) and to register your child, by completing the registration form and submitting the required registration fee.

We will then ask your child to take our diagnostic entrance tests. These tests are completed to ensure that your child can successfully access their chosen curriculum.

The tests consist of three online Computerised Ability Tests (CAT), which assess verbal, non-verbal, quantitative and spatial reasoning; and a hand written essay question, to assess your child’s level of English comprehension. These tests can be taken at your child’s current school, at an Educational Agent’s office or at another officiator office. In order to maintain exam conditions, we regret that the tests cannot be taken at your home.

Once the tests have been completed, our academic team will assess the application in full and will be able to advise if an offer of place can be made.

Pupil Profiles

The first international Head of College, Sergey Zaprudin, reflects on his time at Wycliffe as he embarks on his final year. I joined in Year 9 after spending two weeks at a Summer School, at Wycliffe. I thought School would be just focused academic study and that it would be really strict.
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Stephanie is the first to say that she comes from an unconventional background. Many of her family work at a fairground and she is the first of them to study at Sixth Form level.
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Tom loves his football and one of the key things he enjoyed about Wycliffe was the range of activities going on outside the classroom, not just in sports but singing in the School Choir which has over 70 pupils.
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Isla is 5 years old and enjoys lots of different things about life at Wycliffe - including drumming in her weekly music lessons!
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Mikey moved here from London to join Wycliffe at the start of Year 3, and has made lots of friends already. On a Thursday he gets to choose an afternoon activity - this term it is Book Club, whilst his friends do Fencing and Gymnastics.
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William is in Reception and has lots of friends who he enjoys learning and playing with.
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Chloe is 12 years old and is currently in Year 7 at Wycliffe. She joined in September 2017 from Hong Kong and her favourite lessons are Maths and Science.
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For Sohil, life at Wycliffe has given him a home in one place where he can develop strong friendships and be part of a supportive community. Before joining, Sohil had a Taster Day and Overnight Stay to make sure Wycliffe suited him. It did.
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Moving from a school abroad to Wycliffe in Year 7 was a challenge for Isabella. "I was so shy and didn't know anyone". So she decided to push herself out of her comfort zone and joined Drama. It was the turning point for her. "I found a good group of friends and I discovered I quite liked being on stage. It has helped my confidence."
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When Olivia started Senior School she was determined to make the most of every opportunity - in and out of the classroom. That pioneering spirit has resulted in Olivia discussing the subject she hopes to go on to study at University - Geography. “I didn’t like Geography but my teacher in GCSE said ‘stick with it’ and he was right. Now I enjoy it and hope to go on to study Geography at university when I have completed my A Levels. You feel that you can go to your teachers or tutors to talk to them. They always listen to you.”
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When Head of School in 2018-2019, Noah was asked his advice for future Wycliffe pupils he didn’t hesitate “take risks and find your ‘pioneering spirit’”. “Wycliffe is a school of opportunities” he says. “It doesn’t matter if your friends don’t want to do the same activity, club or trip as you, in fact it’s sometimes better if they don’t.
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