A British Boarding School Welcoming Pupils from 30 Different Nationalities

Wycliffe is a genuine global community welcoming pupils from across the world. Pupils from the age of 7 to 19 can board with us on a full, flexi or day basis; allowing them to immerse themselves fully in the British culture and the close-knit community here at Wycliffe. The cultural diversity supports us in fulfilling our six Aims for Pupils, especially ‘Cultivate social and environmental awareness and an understanding of their role as global citizens’

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Medium Sized UK Boarding School Where Every Pupil is Known & Heard

Wycliffe is a medium-sized school with around 650 pupils from the age of 3-19. We are small enough that every pupil is known and, so every pupil can also be given the individualised attention they deserve allowing them to reach their full potential.  

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A Home Away from Home in our Excellent Boarding Houses

Our boarding options are flexible to suit your family life. Whether you need full boarding all year round or flexible boarding on a term-by-term basis, you can be confident that your child will be in safe hands and supported from the moment they arrive in the UK. We can talk to you or your educational agent about what we can offer you. 

In 2017 our £7 million Boarding House, Ward’s-Ivy Grove won the Boarding Schools Association Best New Build of the Year Award, and was opened in 2018 by HRH the Duchess of Gloucester. Boasting en-suite in all rooms, a sauna and ample flexible social space, Ward’s-Ivy Grove houses both boys and girls from 13 to 19 years old.

All our international boarders are fully integrated into school life, sharing houses and lessons with UK pupils and we provide excellent pastoral care and a programme of well being activities to ensure your child settles in and is happy. International pupils have plenty of opportunity to socialise with other boarders through weekend events and evening activities. 

wards ivy grove boarding school house at wycliffe

English Language Support for All International Pupils

Wycliffe are keen to ensure all our international pupils achieve what they want through studying at a British boarding school. Wycliffe can help pupils improve their English, immerse them in the culture and nurture confidence and resilience. English language support is available for all international pupils from the age of 7 to 13 while additional support can be provided in year 9 and 10 if this is needed.

Embracing Global Citizenship

We prepare our pupils to succeed and find their passions in an increasingly Globalised world and encourage them to embrace their future as Global Citizens. A third of Senior and Prep School Pupils are International, which allows us to share and learn from each other’s cultures.

As a Round Square School, Wycliffe is part of Round Square’s internationally diverse network of 200 like-minded schools in 50 countries on six continents, inspiring pupils to become future leaders and custodians of our planet and importantly share a commitment, beyond academic excellence in terms of personal development, responsibility and understanding through service, challenge, and adventure.

We are developing a unique curriculum which includes facets of the six IDEALS or ‘pillars’ that make up the Round Square continuum (Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service) and these align neatly with Wycliffe’s ideals. They have provided an opportunity to work in collaboration with schools across the world.

Extra-curricular Activities at Wycliffe

We encourage all pupils to get involved in our extra-curricular activities with opportunities for every child – no matter what they are interested in – and chances to try new things. Sporting opportunities range from netball and football to unusual sports such as Quidditch.  We also offer 60 other extra-curricular activities including bee-keeping, performing arts, Robotics, Green Powered Car and Debate Clubs and many more.

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International pupils are fully integrated into the life of the school, and pupils are appreciative and respectful of others, whatever their background.

The cultural development of pupils is excellent. The multi-cultural community of the school is highly valued by pupils, who say that they enjoy the friendships they form with pupils from other cultures and faiths.

ISI Inspection, Senior School

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my child stay during Exeat weekends?

Pupils can stay during Exeat weekends and the cost is included in the boarding fee.

What happens when my child arrives in the UK for the first time?

Once your child has landed at a UK airport, our driver is there to meet them and to take them to School (so long as you have booked the airport transfer through School). For new international pupils we ask them to attend a Pre-Sessional Week in August – just before the start of term. This helps new pupils settle in, get to know the campus, make friends and have some fun – whilst learning about the UK and their new learning environment.

Will my child be transported to and from the airport when they are heading home?

We offer an airport transfer service that can ensure your child’s safety to and from outbound flights. This will either be on an individual journey or your child may share transport with another pupil depending on flight/train times. You, your parents or your Guardian can book the airport transfer arrangements by emailing

What is the application process?

The application process is simple and can be started online by yourselves or an educational agent should be able to help you. Find out how to apply here.

What is the minimum boarding stay permitted?

The minimum study option is half a term for Years 3 to 8. The only exception to this is that (due to the timetable) we cannot manage pupils staying for the second half of the Year 8 Summer Term (usually just at the start of June). However, if pupils for Year 8 would like to join at the start the Summer Term (around the end of April depending on when Easter is) then they can stay for the whole of the Summer Term.

Do all children need to get a Guardian in the UK?

Yes. All our international pupils must have a Guardian in the UK even if you are only staying with us on a short-term basis. We will not be able to accept any pupils who do not have a Guardian in place while they are here.

How do I go about getting a guardian for my child?

Accredited Guardianship organisations can be found on the AEGIS website (the Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students). Your educational agent should also be able to help you find a suitable Guardian for your child.

Can we join half-way through the academic year or does it have to be at the start of term?

At the Prep School, we can take pupils in at any point in the year, providing that we have space in that year group and they fulfil our admissions requirements. At the Senior School, pupils can join us at any point in Year 9 or in the Development Year One Year GCSE Course (for 15-17 year olds), they can join in either September or January. However for Year 10 and Year 12, pupils need to join at the start of the academic year or as close to October half term as possible.

Are there Scholarships available for international pupils?

International pupils are encouraged to apply for Scholarships and we offer these at 13+ (Year 9) and for Year 12. Please see the Scholarship area for the details.

Can you help with my visa?

We hold a UKVI Child Sponsorship licence to support pupils applying for the Child and Student Entry Routes. We can advise you on the documents you need to provide to support your application and how the process works on behalf of what we do.

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