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Genuine Individualised Learning

Pupils’ progress is enriched through extensive and varied experiences outside the classroom. Residential trips, curriculum extensions and tailored programmes ensure that your son or daughter builds resilience, confidence, responsibility, respect and empathy.

Gifted and Talented Programme

Our Gifted and Talented pupils are recognised by being invited to join the Gifted and Talented Programme at Wycliffe Prep School. They need to maintain this status by maintaining a high standard in their subject. Chosen pupils usually perform within the top 5% of their cohort, based on teacher assessment and standardised scores. However, they also need to demonstrate curiosity, inquisitiveness and a love of learning.

The term Gifted relates to Academic based subjects, including modern languages, Humanities and ICT, whilst the term Talented is used in reference to Art, Drama, Music, Sport. Gifted and Talented pupils are invited to attend extra events, including STEM days and Robotics days at the Senior School, out of school visits, workshops with visitors from external organisations and Saturday morning sessions working with a small group of pupils to provide opportunities to extend their skills further.

wycliffe kids in art class

All ability levels well catered for and school has demonstrated this by its affiliation to both CResTed, which confirms its good SEN provision and NAGC, which accredits work for Gifted and Talented.

Pupils are highly motivated by challenging activities when these are set and they want to apply their knowledge.

Recent ISI Inspection, Prep School