Wycliffe Prep School promotes a pioneering spirit and encourages individuals to flourish through a challenging academic curriculum, and extra-curricular activities in these key academic years from ages 7-13.  Whether your child is moving on from our Pre-Prep School or coming to us from somewhere else, our excellent pastoral care programme is designed to make sure every child is supported and happy.

We celebrate diversity, and in our beautiful countryside Cotswold grounds, children have the freedom to explore and be themselves in a caring school community. Our Prep School lays the foundations for pupils to thrive, and prepare themselves for Senior School; fostering a lifelong enjoyment of education and preparing them for an interconnected world.

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Why Choose Wycliffe Independent Prep School?

Individualised Learning

With small classes and a high pupil to teacher ratio, we can give highly personalised attention to the learning of your son or daughter with all ages catered for. We understand that every pupil has different needs and small class sizes mean we can tailor teaching to meet your child’s requirements.

Discover more about our individualised learning approach. 

Individualised Learning

With small classes and a high pupil to teacher ratio, we can give highly personalised attention to the learning of your son or daughter with all ages catered for. We understand that every pupil has different needs and small class sizes mean we can tailor teaching to meet your child’s requirements.

Discover more about our individualised learning approach. 

Excellent Pastoral Care

The care, security, welfare and happiness of our pupils comes first, as we believe that a happy child, free from worry, will learn and achieve more. While this is something we have always been passionate about, the pandemic has highlighted this even more so and we are even more passionate about ensuring the well-being of our pupils is looked after in a variety of ways.

Learn about our pastoral care and well-being at Wycliffe Prep School. 

Diverse Extra Curricular Activities

From sport to performing arts, our facilities and specialist staff mean we can deliver a diverse, challenging extra-curricular programme to suit all pupils with something on offer for everyone. Wraparound care is also included which means day pupils can undertake activities after-school; ideal for busy families.

Discover what’s on offer for pupils.

Day, Flexi* & Full Boarding

Wycliffe offer day, flexible* and full boarding to suit your family life for pupils from the age of 7. Our Prep School boarding houses provide a home away from home with comfortable dorms and common rooms with activities on offer on a daily and weekly basis for boarders to socialise and integrate as a community.

*subject to availability

Learn more about our prep school boarding at Wycliffe. 

A Day in the Life of Middle Prep & Upper Prep

Our Prep School is split into two stages: Middle Prep and Upper Prep. This allows pupils to develop in a structured, well-rounded way; following a broad curriculum at each stage.

Find out what a typical day looks like at our Middle Prep School and Upper Prep School.

Head of Wycliffe Prep, Helena Grant.

Wycliffe's head of prep Helena Grant

Helena Grant, Head of Prep

Wycliffe Prep started a new chapter in its prestigious history with the appointment of Mrs Helena Grant as Head in September 2020.

Mrs Grant’s arrival coincided with exciting new developments at the Prep School based in the Cotswolds. The 3+ Nursery Class officially started within the Early Years Building. The proximity of The Nursery Class to Reception helps children confidently start their first day at school. While other refurbishment work including the resurfacing of our Astroturf pitch has been invaluably used for Hockey and other sports.

For Mrs Grant, Wycliffe represents so much that she values and believes education should be.

“I believe in childhood. I believe in fun, being outdoors and active as much as possible, getting messy, exploring and holding on to that wonderful sense of curiosity into the early teenage years. And that is why I chose to work here,” she explains.

“Wycliffe offers a robust academic offering which challenges individuals and encourages enquiry and a desire to learn. At the same time, young people need a strong emotional awareness and resilience which underpins their knowledge and understanding of themselves.”

With small classes and a high pupil to teacher ratio, Wycliffe gives highly personalised attention to the learning of each child. Learning beyond the classroom is also core to a child’s development. The extra curricular provision at Wycliffe is wide-reaching and all-encompassing – with something for every child. Sport and the Arts play a major role in life at the school.

“My vision for the school is clear – strong academics, a range of opportunities to challenge and inspire all children and a personalised pastoral care system to support all in our community,” says Mrs Grant. “I plan to continue the strong sense of the individual and the pioneering spirit which enables us to write our own story, hopefully a varied, adventurous and satisfying one.”

A place where children can revel in their childhood and at the same time are given a foundation on which to build, question, challenge and endeavour… a small prep with big ideas.

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All ability levels well catered for and school has demonstrated this by its affiliation to both CResTed, which confirms its good SEN provision and Potential Plus, which accredits work for Gifted and Talented.

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Wycliffe Prep School FAQs

What is a Prep School?

Prep Schools are found in independent schools and offer an alternative to traditional state primary or junior schools. The curriculum offered at a Prep School may vary dependent on a school’s aims and ethos.

What age do children attend a Prep School?

Prep School comes straight after Pre-Prep school and is traditionally for 7-13 year olds, which is 3 – 8 in school year group terms or Key stages 1 and 2 and start of Key stage 3.

How to choose a Prep School?

Choosing a Prep School can be a daunting process.  Identifying what you’re looking for is the first step in choosing a Prep School. Following this, you should explore whether a school matches what you’re looking for, for your child. Factors to consider could include fit with your child and family, location, curriculum, facilities, boarding provision and whether the school offers wraparound care. If you have other children, where they attend school may also be a consideration.  Always visit schools you’re considering as you’ll be able to get a far better feel of them in person to ensure you’re making the right choice.

What comes after Prep School?

After a child finishes Prep School, usually in year 8, they move up to Senior School, which starts in Year 9. A Prep School is designed to lay the foundations and build confidence so that every child can thrive in these all-important Senior years.

What are the benefits of Years 7 and 8 in a prep school rather than a traditional secondary school?

Remaining in a Prep environment for an additional two years offers many advantages from developing confidence and resilience to further developing emotional and academic skills to prepare children for Senior School life.  Many Prep Schools offer a vast range of extra-curricular activities for academic enrichment. As well as an extensive array of extra-curricular activities, Wycliffe offer children the chance to take on leadership roles, something that may not be available in such abundance at traditional schools.

Read more about the benefits of a prep school.

What extra-curricular activities do you have at Prep School?

Extra-curricular activities are an important part of the curriculum in a Prep School. This helps children develop into well-rounded individuals and nurture their passions and creativity. Prep schools offer a wide range of activities including sports, drama, music, art, animation, gardening and more. Wycliffe has over 60+ weekly activities for prep school pupils with traditional and unusual activities to try out on offer. Wycliffe pupils receive hands-on learning through expedition days and trips.

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