Wycliffe Preparatory School takes pupils from the age of 2 years through to 13 years, preparing them for senior school whilst giving them the best possible start to their academic career. To find out more about life at Wycliffe Prep, follow the links below.

We believe that a happy child is far more likely to achieve their potential.

Adrian Palmer, Headmaster of Wycliffe Prep School

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A Year 8 pupil from Hong Kong lets us know what it is like to be a boarding pupil here @WycliffePrep in this short… https://t.co/buZ3TPWtbY 
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Many congratulations to Campbell (Y12, Robinson) for helping Switzerland to make it all the way to the European Cha… https://t.co/cLLW8T5RAT 
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RT @ucas_online:Here are six habits that encourage good #mentalhealth at uni: 🏃‍♀️ exercising 🥤 drinking water 🛏️ sufficient sleep… https://t.co/aDkjOmDDob 

Welcome to Wycliffe Preparatory School

At Wycliffe, we believe that children give their best when they are happy…

We encourage humour and confidence, kindness and pride. Our emphasis is on effort. If the effort is right, the achievement takes care of itself. All children aged 2 to 13 are encouraged to do their best, whether inside or outside the classroom.

Please come and visit us. I would be delighted to show you around as well as introducing you to the staff, boys and girls who all go to make Wycliffe such a special place.

Adrian Palmer, Headmaster of Wycliffe Preparatory School.

Upcoming Open Events at Wycliffe

 Prep School Open Morning – Saturday 6th October, 10am – 12pm

Senior School Open Morning – Saturday 6th October, 9am – 12pm

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