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We have found the entire process of transitioning to the new school incredibly seamless, supportive and caring. Our son hasn’t once been anxious about attending Wycliffe and he seems excited to go to school each day.

We have also found the community of parents to be very helpful and social, supporting a feeling of being part of the Wycliffe family.

Our son loves the swimming and dancing activities. We love the sheer amount of opportunities available to each child no matter their age.

The teachers dedication and attention to each individual child is very impressive and comforting.


Parent of a Prep Pupil, 2023

Wycliffe College has been a remarkable journey for our son and daughter. We were immediately embraced by the warm and caring staff and have become part of a nurturing community that truly values every student.

Wycliffe College’s commitment to academic excellence is outstanding. The dedicated teachers, innovative curriculum, and unwavering support have transformed both of our children in their individual ways. Their academic growth, confidence, and love for learning have flourished here.

What sets Wycliffe College apart is its focus on holistic development of the child. The wide range of extracurricular activities lets students explore their interests and develop essential life skills.

Communication with parents is exemplary. Regular updates and open lines of communication have made us feel actively engaged in our children’s education.

In short, we wholeheartedly recommend Wycliffe College to parents seeking a school that excels academically and cares deeply about their child’s growth. Our children have found their second home at Wycliffe College, and we are grateful for the enriching experiences they have had here.

Parent of a Year 12 Pupil, 2023

Wycliffe College has been a god send for our three children, two of whom started in prep school and the eldest in secondary, two years ago now. Our children have benefitted from the close unobtrusive pedagogical care. We are also so grateful which Wycliffe College has shown with regards to their flexibility with having been able to switch from boarding to flexi boarding for our children too. We are separated parents with three children and this has not always been easy to manage their exeats, but thanks to Wycliffe’s flexible, we are managing well now.

The children have excelled at school due to Wycliffe’s help and on top of it all the two eldest have received scholarships which has helped us so much financially – we are very thankful.

Parent of a Year 8, 10, 12 Pupil, 2023

As a parent of an International student, I am incredibly grateful to be a part of the Wycliffe community.  Wycliffe provides a safe, nurturing and structured environment all while setting exceptional academic standards.  Wycliffe is keenly aware of the individual potential for your child and creates goals to support an outstanding future for students.  Even though I am thousands of miles away, I feel connected to my child and all at Wycliffe College.”

Parent of a Year 11 Pupil, 2023

Wycliffe has been transformative for my son. Since starting there in September 2022 to commence his GCSEs, the excellent standard and expertise of teaching is enabling my son to achieve his potential. The commitment to pastoral care is just as steadfast as the commitment to academic excellence and this has ensured Wycliffe is very much a “home away from home” for my son. The vast selection of extra-curricular activities only serves to instill the importance of well-roundedness in students, and if full advantage is taken of all of the opportunities at Wycliffe, alumni will be excellently prepared for adulthood.”

Parent of a Year 11 Pupil, 2023

My son joined in Year 9 from a small school so turning up on the first day to Wycliffe College was to say the least a big step in life.  He’s now in his last year of 6th Form and as a parent I could not be more delighted with the young man he’s become.  Wycliffe College gave the encouragement to broaden his mind, taught him to challenge himself and explore his interests.  The excellent support and guidance from all the teachers has helped my son achieve his education goals and fulfil his sporting dreams. Wycliffe school is in beautiful surroundings with such a welcoming community.

Parent of a Year 13 Pupil, 2023

Starting a new school in Year 6 cannot be easy for the child but Wycliffe went above and beyond to make our son feel welcome.  We couldn’t be happier with the level of kindness and dedication shown to him by the teaching staff.  Really impressed.

Parent of a Year 6 Pupil, 2023

Choosing Wycliffe Prep School has been the best decision for our two boys.

The nurturing environment and small class sizes have played a pivotal role in their growth as their both receive personalised attention. It has been wonderful to witness the positive impact this approach has had on their academic progress and overall confidence.

The SEN department has been a transformative force for one of our boys who struggled in his previous school. The teacher’s dedication and tailored approach have not only addressed specific needs but also empowered him to thrive academically and socially.

Also, the school’s commitment to providing opportunities in drama, design technology, science, art, computing and music has enriched both of their educational journey.

We would highly recommend Wycliffe Prep School to any parent seeking a nurturing and enriching educational experience for their child.

Parent of a Year 7 & 8 Pupil, 2023

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