Wycliffe Pre-Prep is in a discrete space on campus with its own entrance and play area. The Nursery Class through to Year 2 are based here. In particular, the Nursery Class is in the classroom next door to Reception, so children in The Nursery Class will already be familiar with their surroundings and the Reception team. We believe that familiarisation of environment is key to reducing a child’s anxiety when starting school. Children will know where to source a book from in the library, identify which specialist teacher will take them for swimming and be aware of what happens when they go for food in the dining hall.

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Reception Ready Sessions alleviate anxiety

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All children in The Nursery Class, along with their new classmates, will attend Reception Ready sessions during the Summer Term. Sarah Bond is the Reception Teacher and Head of Early Years and works with the Nursery Class for their transition to Reception. Sarah and her Reception team introduce the children to their new learning setting, encourage independence and help alleviate any anxieties the children may have.

Reception Induction Afternoons

If a child is coming into The Reception Class from a different nursery setting, we invite them to join us and the rest of their new class in Reception Ready sessions or if this is not possible attend bespoke induction afternoons. They would spend time with their peer group, are encouraged to make friends, familiarise themselves with the setting and Reception team and fully experience life at Wycliffe Pre-Prep.

Children can have as many induction sessions as they would like in order to feel comfortable with a new environment. We want to make starting school as stress-free as possible for both children and their parents.

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Information sessions for Parents

Our Parent Induction meetings with the Reception Teacher provide an ideal time for parents to share information about their child – their child’s characteristics, likes and dislikes, and of course any allergies that we need to be aware of when preparing food.

In conjunction with the Induction meetings, parents are invited to attend specific information evenings about the Early Year Foundation Stage, what is taught during the Reception Class year and how you can support you child at home.

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Building a strong school community

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A child starting school is a key milestone for parents and can be a daunting prospect; especially when your first child starts Reception.

At Wycliffe, we try and ease this educational leap by encouraging parents to attend school events and activities prior to their child’s first day in Reception. Over the course of The Nursery Class year you will receive regular invites to participate in Wycliffe’s Pre-Prep School life such as Harvest Festival, Nativity performance, Swimming Showcase, Parents Quiz, Reception Ready sessions and Speech day.

We find by meeting other parents at these events a supportive parent community naturally develops which will be enriched and built upon by incoming Reception children and parents.

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