Whilst every day is different and full of discovery in The Nursery Class there is a general pattern and flow to our day. The full Nursery Day is from 8am to 6pm with lunch at 12pm. We also offer half day morning sessions (including lunch) and afternoon sessions which start at 1pm.

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Breakfast Club from 8 am

Many of our Nursery Class children start their day at Breakfast Club which starts at 8am – with a hot breakfast or just a snack. Pre-Prep staff supervise and ensure they eat well.

wycliffe kids and teacher having breakfast
wycliffe nursery pupil wearing a strainer on his head

Topic led sessions

The children start their daily routine with a topic session led by The Nursery Class teacher. We have a termly topic from which we base our learning around.

Literacy and Numeracy

Our literacy and number areas are available for the children to explore throughout the day. We observe what the children like playing with and adapt our approach accordingly.

Learn through Sensory Play

We believe that by providing this type of sensory activity children will learn more about the world around them in a natural way through sight, sound, smell, taste or touch. We have outside play areas to enable movement between indoors and outdoors.

Creative exploration

Through the exploration of Art, Music and Drama, we encourage creative thinking and individual expression. We provide a wide range of different materials and toys for children to use to express themselves and use in their own way.

nursery children playing outside
wycliffe nursery pupils wearing cardboard helmets

Outdoor learning

Being outside gives children as sense of freedom and is fantastic for their physical and mental development. Every day the children play and learn outside, and each fortnight they take part in a Forest School session with a trained Forest School expert.

Extra-curricular activities

The Nursery Class benefit from weekly swimming with a qualified swimming coach, take part in fortnightly Forest School Sessions with a trained Forest School teacher as well as music, art, drama and French.

Limited Spaces Available!

We have a select few remaining spaces for September 2024 in specific years from Reception to Year 12.

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