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Benefits of Year 7 in a 13+ Prep School rather than in a traditional Secondary School setting

At Wycliffe, we are passionate about supporting children on every part of their educational journey, developing well-rounded and confident individuals both inside the classroom and out.

We understand that deciding on post-11 education for your child is a big decision, especially as your child is at an age where key foundations are being laid. Our tailored approach can transform your child’s education as they start year 7 and continue the next step of their educational journey.

We will help them embrace their interests, try new and exciting activities, develop their true sense of self, build their self-confidence and become more resilient.

Year 7 at Wycliffe, prepares students for Secondary School life

Many people often assume that Senior School begins in Year 7, but a 13+ Prep School offers your child the opportunity to stay in a Prep school environment for an additional two years, before they join Secondary school. The benefits of your child beginning Senior School in Year 9 is twofold – childhood and academic enrichment.

Remaining in Prep School for a further two years aids your child in preparing for Senior School by allowing for further development of emotional and academic skills, as well as giving them the opportunity to take on leadership responsibilities that they may not have at that age in other schools.

What are the Benefits of attending Wycliffe Prep School?

Transitioning into a secondary school at the young age of 11 can be daunting, as Year 7 are the youngest year group in the school at a time when they are only just developing their self awareness and self confidence. By attending a 13+ Prep School your child has more time to bridge the gap between what they are exposed to and their developing maturity. Moreover, your child will be more resilient to the intensity of higher academic pressure as well as functioning and managing within in a larger year group than they are used to.

Attending a Prep School until they’re 13 allows students to remain children for much longer. Young people are absorbing more than they ever have before and many believe that they are maturing way beyond their years. Their place of education should be a grounding environment which allows them to mature in their own time while encouraging them to look at the world of learning with curiosity and wonder. Year 7 and Year 8 Prep School students benefit from smaller classes, allowing for more one on one time with teachers, more time for individualised feedback, and time to grow in confidence ready for Year 9.

Strong sense of community and pastoral care

Through our House System we promote a strong sense of community and team spirit. Every pupil has a space where they can work, socialise, and access pastoral support. Our team of Pastoral Leaders at Wycliffe are passionate about mental health support. They are able to guide children and prepare them as they transition from Years 7 and 8 to Senior School Years of 9 and beyond.

Embrace Leadership Opportunities

In a 13+ Prep School, your child will have the opportunity to become a role model to younger pupils. At Wycliffe, leadership skills are instilled into every pupil, whether they hold a position of responsibility within the school or not.

Having these vital skills can help young people navigate difficult and sometimes complex peer interaction and social situations, it helps them become more aware of themselves and their role within the wider community. This self-awareness combined with an environment where they are still allowed to be children is an incredibly powerful and rewarding environment for any child.

The Benefit of Smaller Classes

Our class sizes are smaller than that of a regular secondary school, this allows our pupils to benefit from:

  • More one on one time with their teachers,
  • More opportunities to build confidence as they develop
  • More time for individual feedback
  • More time for emotional support for every pupil
  • More opportunities for personalised instruction

Education is more than just academic lessons

We believe that education is more than just academic lessons and must develop a child as a well-rounded individual. While our aim is for our pupils to achieve their best academically; we are passionate about ensuring that they flourish and embrace their future as global citizens. We do this by developing their creative side, building their confidence through leadership opportunities, and improving their communication skills, while ensuring that they work well in a team.

Our secure campus and excellent facilities enables us to offer an extensive all-encompassing extra-curricular programme that will give your child the opportunities to explore a range of exciting new experiences or build on talents they already have. From sporting activities and performing arts, to gardening and robot building, Wycliffe Prep School has something for everyone.

Learn more about extra-curricular opportunities at Wycliffe.

Wycliffe’s Broad Curriculum

As your child grows, their opportunities grow with them. Here at Wycliffe, we offer a broad and varied curriculum offering 20+ subjects at GCSE, 28 choices of courses post 16 and US ACT and SAT university entrance preparation.

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