Wycliffe is a PSAT and SAT testing centre for the American University testing system, and we also host these tests for all of Wales and the south-west of England – and has been doing this successfully for over seven years.

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Every year the School attracts pupils with the explicit aim of following the SAT preparation course and has seen pupils gain places at a variety of top American universities such as: University of Washington, University of Texas-Austin, Harvard University, Drexel University, St. Lawrence University, University of Tennessee, Boston University and others.

We have an in-house American and Overseas University Co-ordinator who helps pupils prepare for the PSAT and SAT tests, as well as overseeing the applications and choice of universities not only for the USA but around the world.

For further information about PSAT and SAT testing systems and the preparation programme at Wycliffe, please contact our Overseas University Coordinator via email at

At Wycliffe, I am keenly interested in helping students that want to study abroad, whether that is in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, or some other destination. I am continually preparing Wycliffe students for taking the US University Entrance Test (SAT) and offering one-to-one support for non-UK University applications.

Bobbie Miller, International University Admissions Coordinator

Without the amazing American College programme at Wycliffe, I highly doubt that I would be at Harvard. I received extensive support in preparation for the admission tests and was helped every step of the way. Wycliffe also helped me understand what to expect when I moved to college and their different educational programme.

Amelia was awarded a substantial scholarship from Harvard where she is studying Chemistry and plays for the Harvard Women Varsity Squash Team.

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