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Boarding at Wycliffe Prep from Year 3

With approximately 65 Boarders from Year 3 to Year 8, the Boarding Community at Wycliffe Prep is vibrant and busy with a genuine home-to-home feel. There are two Houses: Pennwood is home to 35 boys, and Windrush accommodates 30 girls. Most Boarders are from Military families, with about 15 from other countries such as Russia, Spain, China and Italy.

Weekends are great fun and, though Boarders are allowed out, there tends to be an inflow of Day pupils staying for special activities rather than a general exodus.

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Flexi-boarding and Occasional Boarding for Day pupils

Flexi-boarding and Occasional Boarding are very popular with our Day pupils. It can be invaluable for working parents or if pupils have late activities at School. For pupils who want to board on regularly – Flexi-boarding gives the option of one to four nights each week booked for the term in advance. Occasional boarding can be used on an immediate basis for when parents are away, there is a late activity at school or just for fun! Every week additional Day pupils join the Boarders, be it for one night or four.

wycliffe boys smiling in a football field
wycliffe boarding house exteriors

Boarders’ free time

The Boarders enjoy the extensive Sport facilities on their doorstep –with Games on the Astro-Turf, Tennis or going Swimming. Prep (homework) is at set times in the evening so schoolwork is always up to date. Weekends are busy with activities organised by the Housemistress and Housemaster, in consultation with the boys and girls. Bowling, football, pizza and movie nights are all popular. Boarders celebrate their birthdays with parties where they can invite their Day and Boarding friends.

Exeat weekend for Boarders

We offer full boarding with an Exeat weekend every half term. However, pupils do not need to leave Campus at Exeat – they can stay in their Boarding House and enjoy weekend activities. If they choose to do this, it is included in the fee.

wycliffe boys playing jenga in pennwood house
wycliffe prep students doing class activities

Short Term Stays for International Pupils

From Years 3 to 8, we can accommodate short term stays for international pupils in most of six terms. A minimum stay would be four weeks, and we offer highly personalised EAL teaching for each pupil.