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Wycliffe Nursery Class

The Nursery Class and Pre-Prep School is where we give children a head start on their educational journey and the foundation of learning is laid and a lifelong thirst for knowledge initiated. As soon as your child is three years old, he or she is eligible to join The Nursery Class – this can be at any point in the year with full time and part time sessions available.

We introduce your child into The Nursery Class at their own pace. They will come for an initial first Stay and Play session, and then they may have a further two or more Stay and Plays until they are settled into Nursery Life.

Exceptional Facilities & Play-Led Learning

In the Nursery Class, children cover a new topic each term through art, play, music discussion, exploration and child-led activities. They are introduced to number concepts, shapes, sequencing, phonics, pre-reading and writing skills, scientific thinking and basic motor skills through the Early Years Curriculum.

By having access to the extensive facilities on the Prep School campus, we aim to develop the children’s character and abilities by providing them the opportunity to try new activities.

During the academic year, the children will have the opportunity to develop their creativity through music and art sessions as well as numeracy and literacy. All children have French and PE with specialist teachers in those subjects and participate in fortnightly Forest School sessions. Those in their Pre-Reception year will swim with a swimming teacher.

Small class sizes mean children get highly individualised attention from EYFS experts and experienced teaching assistants.

Find out how to apply for Wycliffe Nursery Class or for more information enquire using the form below or contact sarah.holmstrom@wycliffe.co.uk

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We looked at several schools in the area, but it was the exceptional level of nurturing and care in the Early Years Setting that really appealled to us

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