The curriculum consolidates previous learning and introduces new subjects such as Spanish and the Sciences as separate subjects. Learning goes far beyond the classroom.

Subjects are brought to life with experiences and trips which provide pupils the opportunity to apply their skills and knowledge in real situations. Whether it is debating in our Courtroom re-enactment, taking part in the Year 8 Sports Tour, mentoring the younger pupils in English, or undertaking the duties of Prefects and Head Boy and Girl – every experience is designed to engage pupils and develop their soft skills as well as technical and academic abilities.

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A typical School Day

Registration starts at 8.15am. Lunch is an hour long, and year groups have lunch at staggered sittings, starting from 12.30pm. In three out of five afternoons during the week, pupils take part in a physical activity as part of our Games programme, in addition to the PE and swimming curriculum. The day ends at 4.30pm, although many pupils stay for supervised homework sessions until 5.30pm.

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Saturday Morning Discovery Programme

On Saturday morning’s, Years 6, 7 and 8 take part in the The Wycliffe Discovery Programme. Designed to build skills of communication, problem solving, collaboration and leadership through a series of carefully structured units, the programme challenges the way pupils think about the world.

On Saturday afternoons, they often attend sporting fixtures, either at home or away.

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The Wycliffe Baccalaureate

The Wycliffe Baccalaureate is a two-year programme, awarded at the end of Year 8, in recognition of the successes, hard work, and positive attitude to learning achieved by each pupil. There are two parts:

  • Achievement in the Core Values: Respect, Resilience, Responsibility and Empathy
  • Achievement in all areas of the Wycliffe Curriculum, including the Kirby Challenge and Citizenship

At the end of Year 8, according to the overall level of achievement against the Core Values and in all areas of the Wycliffe curriculum, a diploma is awarded at one of four levels.

  • Foundation Pass
  • Pass
  • Merit
  • Distinction

This is presented to Year 8 pupils at the celebratory Wycliffe Baccalaureate evening, where pupils showcase what they have achieved in their time at the Prep School.

The Kirby Challenge

The Kirby Challenge is made up of three elements – Contribution, Personal Achievement and Challenge.

Every Year 8 pupil must decide on a charitable project and organise and plan it independently. The Kirby Challenge is designed for children to think beyond themselves, and give back to the community. The project should challenge them as an individual, give back to the world and make them think a bit harder about life. Some recent Challenges include: a 24-hour homeless challenge; hiking for charity; making jewellery and hand-made cards to sell for charity and living for a week off the same amount of water as a child in Africa.

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