Chloe, Boarder from Hong Kong

Chloe joined in September 2017 from Hong Kong and her favourite lessons are Maths and Science.

This is my first experience at a boarding school but I was excited to come to Wycliffe; the best part about boarding is having a sleepover with your friends every day! Our boarding Housemistress, Miss Thomas, is really nice, funny and helpful. If I had to give advice to my friends back in Hong Kong about boarding, I would tell them there is nothing to worry about – everything seems scary at first, but it’s not, really! The biggest challenge I’ve had so was remembering my way around campus in back in September, as Wycliffe is much bigger than my old school!

Chloe loves to eat noodles and pizza, and wants to be a chef when she’s older – failing that; a dentist! “If I had to describe Wycliffe in three words, they would be: happy, safe and friendly.”

wycliffe college pupil chloe


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