For Olivia, Wycliffe has made her feel secure enough to challenge herself and to find her pioneering spirit. “When I was in a different school, I wasn’t happy to speak publicly or to take part in sports. I didn’t really do anything. When I moved to Wycliffe, they persuaded me to try things” she says. “Everyone – teachers and pupils – are so supportive of each other, especially in the Houses.”

What Olivia values most about Wycliffe is its sense of community, whether it is in the House of which she is fiercely proud to belong, or wading through snow up to her knees during her Duke of Edinburgh Gold expedition. “There’s such a strong sense of community and I enjoy everything about Wycliffe. I decided to carry on at Wycliffe for Sixth Form because I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. I am happy here so why would I leave?”

Knowing that there is always someone to talk to makes a difference she says. “Whether it’s my Head of House when I was younger, Housemistress, teacher or tutor there is always someone you can speak to.”

Olivia joined in Year 3.

wycliffe pupil olivia garrard


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