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Date Posted: 19th April

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Deciding on post-11 education for your child is one of the biggest decisions you make. Right now, your child is at an age where excellent foundations can be laid, creating a real sense of aspiration. Your child will be developing that true sense of self, they will navigate the web of friendships, become less (outwardly!) dependent on parents and guardians and sit national exams which can influence future life choices such as further education and their career. They will experience successes and failures, with the years of school becoming something that they talk about for the rest of their lives.

Every parent wants the best for their child, to ensure that they are happy, healthy, and fully prepared for the next chapter of their lives. They deserve to not only attend a school that recognises this, but also champions it

What is a 13+ Prep School?

A Prep School’s main purpose is to prepare its students life in secondary school. Most of us assume that Senior School begins in Year 7, but a 13+ Prep School offers the chance to stay on for an extra two years, meaning that your child begins Senior School in Year 9. The benefits for this is twofold – childhood and academic enrichment. Staying in Prep School for a further two years aids your child in preparing for Senior School by allowing for further development of emotional and academic skills, as well as giving them the chance to take on leadership responsibilities that they might not have had at other schools.

What are the Benefits of a 13+ Prep School?

Transitioning into secondary school at the young age of 11 is incredibly daunting for many children. By attending a 13+ Prep School your child has more time to bridge the gap between what they are exposed to and their maturing impulses, which will result in a higher level of self-awareness and self-confidence. Moreover, your child will be more resilient to the intensity of high academic pressure as well as functioning and managing in a larger year group.

In addition to this, attending Prep School until they’re 13 allows students to remain children for much longer, whilst enjoying being at the top of the school and leading younger pupils. Year 7 and Year 8 Prep School students also benefit from smaller classes, allowing for more one on one time with teachers, more time for individualised feedback, and time to grow in confidence ready for Year 9.

Why Should Your Child Attend Wycliffe Prep School?

Life for our children at this age is intense, they’re surrounded by social media, they have unlimited access to films, YouTube, and the internet with literally trillions of choices at a finger click. Our young people are seeing, hearing, and absorbing more than they ever have before and many believe that they are maturing way beyond their years. Their place of education needs to be a stable and grounding environment to allow their brains and maturity to develop, as well as to open up the world of learning and curiosity, skills that are key later in life too. The environment in which they are educated must ensure that they are challenged and exposed to deeper learning, while giving them the emotional space to allow for independence but also retaining a structure that helps to guide them. Located in the Cotswolds, Wycliffe Prep School for children aged 7-13 can offer all this.

Prep school extracurricular activities
teacher giving one on one learning at Wycliffe prep school

Exceptional Pastoral Care

At Wycliffe, we have a team of Pastoral Leaders who are passionate about supporting mental health. This can be a time where your child will push boundaries, which is completely natural, but our Pastoral team will lead them back to the road with discussion alongside, firm, and caring guidance to prepare them as they transition from Years 7 and 8 to Senior School Years of 9 and beyond.

Gain Leadership Opportunities

Another benefit of our 13+ Prep School is the leadership opportunities that they may not be privy to at other senior schools. Your child will have the chance to be a role model to younger pupils, with a real focus on ‘leading’ rather than just having a badge attached to their jumper and no real responsibility. At Wycliffe, leadership skills are instilled into each pupil, whether they hold a position of responsibility within the school or not. These vital skills allow all young people to move forward in life, and they come from learning how to navigate complex social situations with their peers, getting to know themselves better, and learning to consider the part that they play in the framework of our community. This self-awareness combined with an environment where they are still allowed to be children is an incredibly powerful and rewarding environment for any child.

Wycliffe’s Value-Added Programme

Our Value-Added Programme is one of the best in the country, we recognise that progress can look different between one child and another. The programme’s aim is to support your child so they can reach their full potential through tracking, assessments, and continuous monitoring. Your child’s progression is regularly reviewed so that strategies can be put in place to maximise their chances of success.

Wycliffe students at lunch

The Benefit of Smaller Classes

Our class sizes are smaller than that of a regular school, this allows our pupils to benefit from:

  • More one on one time with their teachers,
  • More opportunities to build confidence as they develop
  • More time for individual feedback
  • More time for emotional support for every pupil
  • More opportunities for personalised instruction

To discover how Wycliffe can help your child succeed contact our admissions team today.

Endless Extra-Curricular Opportunities with Over 60+ Activities

An independent education must develop a child as a well-rounded individual – not just from an academic perspective. While our aim is for our pupils to achieve their best academically; we are passionate about ensuring that they flourish creatively and spiritually as well as develop confidence in soft skills such as communication and teamwork. Our secure campus features world-class facilities that enables us to offer an extensive extra-curricular programme that will give your child a range of opportunities to try new things or build on talents that they already possess. From fencing and beekeeping to debating, field trips and expeditions we have something to suit every child and every personality, and for each one to try something different.

Learn more about extra-curricular opportunities at Wycliffe.

Wycliffe’s Broad Curriculum

As your child grows, their opportunities grow with them. Here at Wycliffe, we offer a broad curriculum with a range of subjects for GCSE and Sixth Form Students, offering the chance to study subjects from various disciplines.

Talk to Wycliffe Today to See How Our Approach Could Support Your Child

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