“Instilling independent thought and a pioneering spirit”

As we commemorate World Heritage Day, we take a moment to reflect on Wycliffe’s rich history and the journey that has brought us to where we stand today. This occasion not only celebrates our heritage but also serves as a reminder of Wycliffe’s commitment to its pupils, and the visions and aims we strive to achieve.

The origin of our name

John Wycliffe was a 14th Century English philosopher, theologian and reformer. His qualities of “independence, a sturdy Protestant attitude towards life and a pioneering spirit…” reflected what our founder, G.W. Sibly, wanted to see in his staff and pupils, leading to him naming the new school Wycliffe College. Seven centuries later, it is to Wycliffe that our values of independence and pioneering spirit can be traced.

Our founder

G.W. Sibly founded Wycliffe College in 1882. He taught all his life and brought “fresh vigour and thinking” to his classrooms. He wanted to create a school where pupils could truly be themselves, develop their own independence of thought and deed, and discover their own talents and abilities. The same ethos is true today. Sibly showed his independence of mind by selecting an English motto and not a Latin one as so many independent schools founded at a similar time did. His choice of ‘Bold and Loyal’ has served the College well ever since.

Wycliffe today

Wycliffe is a Day and Boarding school for around 650 pupils from 3 to 18 years old. Based in Stonehouse, Gloucestershire, pupils enjoy life in safe and secure countryside campuses, conveniently nestled within a small town and with direct rail links to London in 90 minutes. Our size makes for an environment where each pupil thrives as an individual, supported in a community where they are really known.

Our Purpose

Inspire and educate every individual in mind, body and soul.

Our Vision

Wycliffe will promote a pioneering spirit and encourage individuals to flourish and embrace their futures as global citizens.

Aims for our pupils

Achieve their full academic, spiritual, physical and creative potential.

Behave with ‘a strong moral understanding’.. ‘taking responsibility for their own behaviour’*, showing generosity of spirit, respect for others and appreciation of diversity.

Cultivate social and environmental awareness and an understanding of their role as global citizens.

Develop skills, self-knowledge and resilience to face positively all future challenges.

Exhibit creativity, innovation and independence in their approach to learning and to life.

Feel happy and secure.

This was a comment made by the Inspection team during the ISI Inspection (Autumn 2022) when seeking to describe the Wycliffe pupils they had met, the inspection found us to be “Excellent” in all areas.

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