Class Size

Prep Schools have small class sizes (usually around 18 pupils) and this allows for a more individualised education and enables pupils’ academic abilities to be stretched and challenged. Teachers get to know their pupils very well, understanding what encourages them and the individual pupil’s style of learning. There is also more focused time for the children to interact with each other in a supported environment, increasing peer to peer learning.

Smaller classes give all children the chance to be heard and experience learning in a way that suits their needs.

Enhanced Curriculum

Prep Schools can offer a wider curriculum with opportunities to engage in a plentiful range of extra-curricular activities. Prep Schools often have more extensive on-campus facilities so they can provide their pupils with more opportunities for sports, music and languages.

Furthermore, as Prep Schools have greater flexibility in their curriculum, pupils have more opportunities to learn outside of the classroom, with trips and opportunities to go abroad being far more commonplace.


Some Prep Schools offer boarding which means the children live on-campus during term-time in a bespoke boarding house with their fellow pupils of the same or similar age, usually boarding is from Year 3 or age 7 upwards. Some families opt for flex-boarding which can given a perfect combination.

What is The Curriculum at Prep Schools?

Prep Schools are independent so they do not necessarily have to follow the National Curriculum. However, most of them do and then enhance their teaching with enrichment topics. This independence means they can adapt their educational offering to each pupil and deliver a much more tailored curriculum. The wealth of sports and arts and variety of activities such as Courtroom Drama or Robotics and Coding is an additional benefit of being in a Prep School.

What Are the Entry Requirements for Prep School?

Wycliffe is a non-selective Prep School, and here, children sit a CAT Test (Cognitive Ability Test), which is used to assess these four areas: verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and spatial reasoning.  Children do not need to revise for a CAT test as they measure a child’s developed abilities. They can be effective at providing additional insights into a child’s learning and help schools provide the necessary learning support and environment.

Benefits of a Prep School

Pupils who attend Prep School enjoy an education that offers huge choice and opportunities which help develop their confidence and sets them up perfectly for the next stage of their education.

Opportunities for learning and facilities

Prep Schools benefit from enhanced opportunities include small class sizes; unusual subjects, such as Mandarin; breadth of sport; many activities and exceptional on-campus facilities; – including a swimming pool, fully equipped music and science departments, and extensive playing fields.

Specialist teachers

For most children in primary school, up to the age of 11, they have a single teacher responsible for all their learning. This teacher is often a generalist and will have trained in the whole KS1/KS2 curriculum. In many Prep Schools, pupils can benefit from subject-specialist teachers, particularly in Science, Drama, Music, Sport and Art. Each subject teacher has professional training in their chosen field and can help support pupils of all abilities to reach their potential in their given area.

Opportunity to discover new skills and passions

The best independent Prep Schools enrich each pupil’s education with access to a far-reaching and varied schedule of extra-curricular activities. Pupils have the chance to develop individual skills and passions as well as build their social education, develop strong bonds and friendships and benefit from a more rounded educational experience. While teaching and learning are a core part of Prep School, the best schools will ensure a child’s unique talents and passions are nurtured.

Explore Wycliffe Prep School in Gloucestershire

Wycliffe Prep School is an independent School set in 52 acres of private land in the Gloucestershire Cotswolds countryside. We have day, boarding and flexi-boarding pupils, a high pupil-to-teacher ratio, and a thriving and positive school community. Discover everything Wycliffe Prep School has to offer by booking a tour to see it or yourself.

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