Why Go to a Boarding School in England?

Date Posted: 8th March

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You may be wondering if sending your child to an English boarding school will be worth it? We understand that this isn’t a decision that should be taken lightly. If you are looking for an educational experience that truly prepares your child for adult life, then you should consider sending them to an English boarding school.

Boarding schools in England offer pupils an outstanding education, supporting them to develop the skills and essential grades to progress into University. Every UK boarding school is required to meet strict standards on the quality of their teaching, student care and facilities. Boarding allows students to develop academically whilst encouraging them to flourish as individuals, opening their minds and broadening their opportunities.


Benefits of boarding schools in England

England has some of the oldest and most prestigious boarding schools in the world, with beautiful historic buildings complemented with modern classrooms and architecture. These excellent facilities help make learning and living in the UK a great experience for all pupils to advance their academic and extracurricular careers whilst improving their English skills.

Outstanding exam results

English boarding schools consistently produce excellent exam results, with various qualifications available including A-levels and GCSEs This enables international students to excel in an exam system that works for them. We require all students to take an entrance exam, before matching them to their ideal class sets.

High university acceptance rates

Pupils that attend a boarding school in England generally achieve high grades which gives them more chance of being accepted into top universities, both in the UK and worldwide.

At Wycliffe our overseas university applications co-ordinator supports all of our students with SAT and ACT exam preparation and applications to US and European Universities should they choose to study abroad. Our Head of Sixth Form helps pupils craft their UCAS applications for British Universities.

Wycliffe students walking on campus

Dedicated careers team

Boarding schools in England offer more than a top-tier education; they provide students with the opportunity to grow, learn, and prepare themselves for future success.

With the extensive and varied career advice they receive, together with work placements, business mentoring programs, and presentations from industry professionals, Wycliffe’s boarding school leavers are well place to go onto have successful careers.  All students are given access to career activities and one-to-one career guidance sessions where we positively develop their career management and life skills.

Outstanding facilities

Most English boarding schools have extensive facilities on-site and Wycliffe is no exception. Our 52-acre countryside campus encompasses open spaces and exceptional facilities including swimming pools, an indoor sports centre, playing fields, an outdoor football pitch and squash courts, tennis courts, boat house as well as comprehensive music rooms and dedicated dance and drama studios. Our facilities enable pupils to experience a range of 60 extracurricular activities including drama, dance, music lessons, debate teams, bee keeping and a variety of sports as well as the highly regarded Duke of Edinburgh Award. Our high-quality facilities have everything boarding pupils need to excel in their education and feel comfortable in their surroundings.

Development of independent skills in a supportive environment

Boarding pupils develop lifelong independent skills that encourages them to be self-reliant and build on their personal development.  Boarding School pupils have a support network that includes peers, tutors, the Housemistress/ Housemasters and other staff at the school to help develop into well-rounded adults.

International community and outlook

To encourage strong working relationships in the future, young people must develop the core qualities of respect and tolerance for others at an early age. Boarding develops children’s capacity for communication, listening to opposing viewpoints, and conflict resolution, which are positive strengths that will be useful to them for the rest of their lives. One-third of the boarders at Wycliffe are international pupils. Wycliffe encourages individuals to embrace their future as global citizens and is part of Round Square’s international diverse network of 200 like-minded schools in 50 countries on six continents.

Wycliffe Prep Classroom

Lifelong friendships

The close bonds and strong community that is created in boarding houses cannot easily be replicated. The achievements, tight friendship groups and interests cultivated by being a boarder last a lifetime. This strong sense of community help pupils settle quickly and enjoy all that boarding life has to offer.

Sporting performance

UK boarding schools are renowned for their excellent sporting facilities and expert coaching.  31% of the 2016 British Olympic medallists went to UK private schools. At Wycliffe, all our students are coached by experienced sports staff and have access to our outstanding sporting facilities seven days a week. Our Wycliffe sports development programme nurtures students of every level of ability, from beginners to elite-level athletes who perform in the England sports pathway, competing against some of the top leagues in the country. From hiring professional sports coaches to teach our students, to accessing international scholarships, our sports programmes continue to grow and develop whilst achieving competitive results including:

  • Wycliffe’s Rugby programme channels are students through Excel in England Academy ranks.
  • Pupils exceeding in our Squash programme have been awarded a US University scholarship
  • The success of our rowing coaching programme has led our students to Great British trials and US university entrance
  • We are lucky enough to have enrolled Tony Wilborn an ex-USA basketball league player to develop our basketball coaching programme.

Traditional English schooling with a modern twist

Many British boarding schools have been around for centuries, enabling students to experience prestigious British traditions. Wycliffe’s shift in recent years to developing and adapting new technology and teaching methods gives students exposure to traditional and modern ways of learning, giving them the means to experience the best of both worlds.

Benefits of living in England as a student

The beautiful countryside

England is well known for its ‘postcard-perfect’ scenery. From its rolling hills, patchwork fields, bright blue seascapes and deep green forests. There is no better way to explore our beautiful countryside than putting on some wellies and going outside to breathe in the fresh air. With many hills to climb and ancient pathways to discover the English countryside life is like no other.

Improve English skills

What better way for international students to practice English than by living in the country where the language originated from?

Cultural diversity

16.8% of the UK population are born abroad, giving international pupils studying in the UK the chance to experience a wide variety of cultures and make friends from all over the world.


The UK has some of the safest transport links, with a large train network connecting towns and cities. Travelling to London can be completed in just a few hours from most places in the UK. In fact, Wycliffe students are only 5 minutes’ walk away to Stonehouse train station which is on a direct line to London.

wycliffe college grounds

Wycliffe boarding school in England

Let Wycliffe boarding school be the place your child thrives in England. Wycliffe is located on a secure, scenic countryside campus in Gloucestershire, just 90 minutes away from London, and we welcome pupils from across the world. All our international boarders are fully integrated into school life, sharing houses and lessons with UK pupils. Our outstanding pastoral care and a programme of well-being activities ensure your child settles in and is happy. Contact us today to learn how we can support your child in their educational journey.

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