What year did you join Wycliffe?

I joined Wycliffe in Year 9.

I chose Wycliffe because we were impressed with their quick development in introducing technology and meeting with Mrs Dytham, who showed me the SEN department, which my family and I have found very impressive.

What are your A-Level choices?

Economics, Psychology, DT, Core Maths and EPQ

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to join Wycliffe?

My one piece of advice would be to visit the school and take part in a taster day so that you can get a feel of the school.

What positive experiences have you had at school?

I had a really positive experience during the house song, where the whole house came together to support everyone.

What is your biggest achievement at Wycliffe?

My most significant achievement was being awarded Head of the School.

How did your teachers/ Careers department help you when selecting A Levels and considering a future career?

The Careers Department have benefited me by finding an apprenticeship as an alternative to University.

What is your plan after Wycliffe?

After Wycliffe, I plan to study Rural Land Management at the Royal Agricultural University.

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