Why Go to An Independent Sixth Form?

Date Posted: 26th October

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If you’re a student aged 15 and 16, you are likely to be in the middle of your GCSEs or starting to consider your post-16 education options. Independent schools that offer Sixth Form provision can be a great option for those looking to progress their academic and practical skills in preparation for university, further study and their future careers.

Independent Sixth Forms are equipped with a range of great facilities for learning and discovery both inside and outside the classroom, often offering unusual extracurricular activities or leadership opportunities. Whether you want an excellent academic experience or access to all the best sports equipment, a thriving social community, personalised career guidance and space, independent Sixth Forms can provide this.

Students typically report an outstanding schooling experience and respond well to the great sense of community and great opportunities provided to them throughout their time.

In this article, we’ll explore what a private Sixth Form is, and why going to one could be the right option for you.

What Is An Independent Sixth Form?

An independent sixth form offers pupils a wide array of subjects, with options in A Levels, BTecs, International Baccalaureates and more. These sixth forms will usually have registration fees, followed by payments made each academic year, varying between schools and courses.

In turn, you will receive personalised teaching, with smaller class sizes and greater individual attention to help you develop academically and grow in confidence as a person.

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What’s The Difference Between a Sixth Form College & Independent Sixth Form?

Sixth Form is the final two years in Senior School, and is a continuation in education after one completes their GCSEs. Students are usually aged 16-18 when in Sixth Form. Traditional Sixth Form Colleges are usually separate from secondary schools whereas private Sixth Form education is usually found within a school environment.

Traditional Sixth Form Colleges provide free tuition however independent Sixth Form schools come with fees. In return, you get access to

specialist teachers to vast facilities to dedicated and personalised career guidance to first-class technology.

Other differences include:

  • An independent sixth form allows you to stay in an environment where you know your teachers well which can really help when applying to university or further study. They’ll be able to offer you lots of great advice and even offer you a very custom personal reference for your application.
  • The learning environment is most likely going to feel more comfortable to you if you come from a background in independent education as that high level of personalised learning isn’t always easily accessible in a sixth form college.
  • A sixth form college is usually more informal, and you will be meeting your teachers for the first time and settling into a new environment when you start your course.

Why Go to Independent Sixth Form?

There are many benefits of attending an independent sixth form. You may want to pursue this route of learning as:

  • It can facilitate your needs and extensively prepare you for your chosen career path, with the eventual goal of your dream career
  • There is easier access to a team of specialist teachers
  • You will be able to work with likeminded students who have an interest in the same subjects as you, while retaining the small class sizes education style you’re used to
  • You will develop a great sense of responsibility, while pastoral mentors can help you personally develop and nurture your confidence
  • A private Sixth Form will prepare as you as you embark on your future endeavours by offering dedicated career guidance
  • Smaller class sizes allow for tailored teaching, Which can help students achieve higher grades, enabling them to get into their chosen universities, both in the UK and abroad
  • Many options to study A Levels, BTec, the International Baccalaureate and more

These are just a few of many advantages that an independent Sixth Form can offer.

About Wycliffe College Sixth Form

Wycliffe Sixth Form is set in the beautiful Gloucestershire countryside, offering 27 A Levels including Japanese and Psychology three BTecs (Business, Digital Production and Sport), so there’s no shortage of choice for students. Outside of class, Wycliffe offers over 60 extra-curricular activities from Esports, bee-keeping to debating to fencing, hockey and drama.

We host regular open days to give you a feel of our Sixth Form and what we can provide. You can also request to book a visit and receive a tour of our campuses if you prefer.

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