At Windrush the routine is the same most days, apart from Sunday. We get up at 7am and have an hour to get ready, washed, dressed and hair done ready for breakfast at 8am. Breakfast is cereal, toast or a cooked breakfast and hot drink.

Registration is at 8:25am, with lessons starting at 9am. We have a selection of different lessons throughout the day, followed by games or activities. The school day ends with prep (homework).

We then have supper and go back to the boarding house. At the moment we like to hold talent contests involving dancing and singing. It is really good fun when everyone joins in. We then shower, have a snack and a chance to phone or email our parents.

I tend to call my parents every evening. I also like to write to all my family and friends. Bed for a year 5 boarder is at 8:15pm, with lights out at 8:30pm. It normally takes me half an hour to go to sleep and then I sleep soundly all night.

At the weekend we have Saturday school followed by games. We then go back to the boarding house and change into home clothes and go into the village with Matron, or the gap pupils, to spend our pocket money.

I like to spend a Saturday afternoon with my friends, playing games or reading a magazine or just relaxing. We have tea at 5:30pm and then we might watch some TV or go outside and play in the grounds. I’m into skate boarding and so are my friends. I think it is good there is a lot of space at the boarding house to explore.

Bed is later on a Saturday night, with lights out at 9pm. On Sundays we tend to have a joint activity with the girls’ house. My favourite activity this term was the trip to Cattle Country. We have also had trips to the theatre, ice skating and to Thorpe Park.

Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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