Preparing Your Child for Nursery Class: Top Tips for A Smooth Transition

Date Posted: 29th November

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Starting nursery can be a big adjustment for both you and your child. It is natural to feel a little apprehensive about sending your little one off to nursery school for the first time, but there are things you can do to help them (and yourself) prepare for the transition.

Read on for our tips about how you can help prepare your child for nursery school.

5 steps to prepare your child for nursery class

1. Talk about nursery in advance

Get your child excited about all the new friends they will make and all the fun activities they will get to do during nursery class. If possible, take a tour of the nursery first so they can see where they will be spending their days.

2. Establish a routine with your child before nursery school

Nursery classes can be daunting for any young child. Establishing a routine with your child before they head off to nursery, such as brushing their teeth at a set time and getting dressed into their clothes for nursery, will help them feel more confident and independent during their time away from you.



3. Introduce your child to playdates to get them use to socialising

Nursery schools are full of young, excitable children, and so it is a great idea to get your child used to socialising with others before they turn up to nursery. This will help them feel more confident interacting with others and will help them learn how to behave and play nicely.

4. Get your child excited for nursery

Younger children can feel apprehensive about starting early education, which is completely natural.

You can help your child get excited by helping them understand that nursery classes are fun! They will get to play with other children, make new friends and learn new things.

To get them looking forward to nursery class, show them pictures of the nursery and the staff members who will be taking care of them. Also, talk to them about all the fun activities that they will get to do there. The more excited they are about going, the less anxious they will be on their first day.

5. Attend open events to get your child used to the environment

One of the best ways to help your child prepare for nursery school is to attend open events together. This will give you both a chance to explore their new childcare setting and get to know the staff. It is also a great opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the nursery classes.

Additionally, if you know other families who will be sending their children to the same school for nursery, these events can be a good opportunity for you all to get to know each other and make the experience more enjoyable for everyone involved.

On their first day

1. Get them involved

Getting your child involved in packing their bag with their favourite toys and books will help them feel more comfortable and at home on their first day.

2. Arrive early

Arriving early to nursery will enable you to have time to say goodbye without feeling rushed.

3. Stay strong

The first day of nursery class can be unsettling for both you and your child. However, when the moment comes, say goodbye calmly, and reassure them that you will be back to pick them up later, and give them a big hug before heading off.

Wycliffe Pre Prep Students

How to support your child on their first week and beyond

During their first week of nursery classes, your child is bound to feel a mixture of emotions – excitement, nervousness and overwhelm, to name just a few.

The best way that you can support your child throughout their first week and beyond of nursery classes, is just to be there for them. Listen to them, ask them about their day and really engage with everything they have to say.

Nursery classes consist of a lot of new things: new friends, new teachers, new ways of learning, the list goes on! They are bound to be tired as they adjust to nursery school, so it can help to establish a good evening routine.

Consider Wycliffe’s nursery for your child

At Wycliffe, our school nursery class sets children on the right path for their future education and encourages a lifelong thirst for learning.

They will learn essential foundations that they can continue to build upon throughout their lives. Once a child has their third birthday, they are eligible to join our Nursery Class. There are no cut-off dates for this, so your child can join at any time of the academic year.

We know that nursery schools need to be flexible for busy parents, so we offer both part-time and full-time sessions for children. We also understand that every child adjusts differently to early education, so we let them take their time in exploring our nursery class by offering Stay and Play sessions. During these settling in sessions, your child will come in and play with our current nursery class for a few hours, meet their nursery teacher and get to explore their new environment. We offer Stay and Play sessions until they feel comfortable with us.

If you are wondering what nursery is like at Wycliffe, our children get involved with a variety of fun activities in a structured, play-led environment such as art, drama and music.


The benefits of our nursery class

The benefits of nursery for children are endless, such as developing their self-confidence, independence and social skills, preparing them for reception class and more.

Supporting the transition from nursery to reception is important, which is why attending Wycliffe from three years old will help create stability for your child. From the beginning of their education, they will get to know life at Wycliffe and can continue their learning journey with us from primary school right up to year 13.

Children undertake extra-curricular activities onsite within the school day. Our specialist French teacher comes into class once a week, outdoor exploration and learning is encouraged daily and reinforced with Forest School sessions. Children in their Pre-School year enjoy swimming lessons in our onsite pool by a swimming coach.

We also offer wraparound care so that you can balance your work commitments around your child. Breakfast Club starts at 8:00 with a hot cooked breakfast and children can stay up until 6pm during term time.

Find out more

If you are looking for a nursery class in Gloucestershire, then look no further than Wycliffe.

With onsite extra-curricular activities included within the school day, acres of outdoor space for learning and mini adventures, plus wraparound care, why not contact us today to discover more about our nursery. Alternatively, book a tour to see our facilities and meet children and staff or alternatively visit us at one of our open events.

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