When it comes to choosing the right Nursery for your child, there are lots of things to consider. Every child is different, with individual needs so it’s important to find the perfect Nursery that will nurture and support your child, while fitting in with your family’s circumstances. While choosing a Nursery Class can be daunting, Wycliffe acknowledge this and have compiled a list of important questions to consider when entering the process. With the helpful Wycliffe Nursery School Checklist, you‘ll have everything you need to guide you through the process of choosing the right Nursery School for your child.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nursery School

For a lot of parents starting to think about choosing a Nursery School for your child or grandchild can seem overwhelming. With a million questions going around your head, where on earth do you start?

Don’t worry, we’ve put together a Wycliffe Nursery School Checklist as a useful guide. Following on from our recent article, How To Choose a Nursery School, we have compiled a list of key questions every parent should consider at each stage of the process to make it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Wycliffe Nursery Checklist

Choosing the right childcare for your child is a big decision that affects the whole family. While every child and family are different, it can mean finding the most suitable Nursery will depend entirely on your family’s circumstances and individual child’s needs.


Questions to consider when shortlisting nurseries:

Once you have decided on the type of childcare you’re interested in, it’s a good idea to begin researching local Nursery Classes and shortlisting the most suitable.

By answering these questions, it will make it easier to identify which Nursery Schools in your local area could be suitable for both your child and family and therefore be added to a shortlist.

  1. Is the location of the Nursery convenient for my family?
  2. What age do they take children from?
  3. What are the opening hours?
  4. Does the Nursery have a recent Ofsted report?
  5. Does the Nursery have a good review on the online search facility provided by
  6. Is the Nursery close or convenient for dropping off/picking up every day?
  7. Does the Nursery offer both indoor and outdoor playtime?
  8. Does the Nursery have good reviews from other parents?
  9. What type of activities do they offer? Do they encourage learning through play with a child-centric approach?
  10. Does the Nursery offer wraparound care? If you are a working parent, you may want to consider how the nursery fits into your working life.

Questions to Consider When Visiting Nursery Schools:

Now you’ve shortlisted a number of Nurseries that could be suitable for your child, you can start to arrange Open Days or plan visits to go and see the Nurseries. Visiting different Nursery Schools is a great way to help you narrow down your choices and bring you closer to finding the perfect Nursery School for your child. However, for a lot of parents it can be a little daunting, you want to make sure you find out as much information as possible, but what are the best questions to ask?

In order to eliminate any confusion, here are some helpful questions to consider asking when visiting a Nursery School for the first time:

  1. What are the variety of activities and resources available? i.e., Indoor and Outdoor learning provisions. Some nurseries may offer a Forest School.
  2. How interactive are the staff with the children?
  3. My child has allergies or special needs. How will these be managed?
  4. How do they manage children’s behaviour?
  5. What is their staff retention like?
  6. How can I be involved in my child’s learning?
  7. What are their opening hours and pick up/drop off times? How flexible are these?
  8. What processes do they have in place to manage COVID-19? Does this affect drop off/pick up times?
  9. What types of meals and snacks do you provide?
  10. What feedback about my child’s day will I receive?
  11. What do the fees include?
  12. When was your last Ofsted inspection and what grading was given?

Questions to Consider When Choosing a Nursery School:

You’ve visited your shortlisted Nurseries and got a feel for what each Nursery has to offer, from activities, staff support, outdoor facilities and open hours. We recommend taking this time to think about your experience of the Nursery and come to a decision. You may feel you require multiple visits to the Nursery before you can make a final decision. After all, it’s what’s best for you and your child.

While you take the time to think, consider answering the following questions to help guide you through this big decision.

  1. Did my child feel comfortable when we visited?
  2. Will my child enjoy the activities and resources they have to offer?
  3. Does the Nursery School fit in with our family circumstances?
  4. As a parent, what was my gut feeling about the Nursery?
  5. What extra costs will I need to consider?

What’s next?

Now you’ve taken the time to consider all the options and which nursery school will work best for your child and family, you’ll want to secure your child’s place. Every school has different application processes, so talk to your chosen one to find out more.

If you want to use the checklist, we have created a printable version. Download the checklist today.

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Start Your Child on Their Educational Journey at Wycliffe Nursery Class

Wycliffe Nursery Class is based in the beautiful countryside campus in Gloucestershire where the foundation of learning begins. The Nursery Class sessions are based around building academic foundations through play-led learning with exceptional facilities and support to allow your child to thrive. Places are available from when your child turns 3. Learn more about our Nursery Class or, for further information, contact us today.

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