We aim to promote enjoyment in all art activities, encourage the natural artistic abilities that every child possesses and, in the process, help children communicate confidently and expressively.

We teach children to look carefully at images and artefacts from the past and present as well as other cultures. We develop skills and knowledge of materials so that ideas can be generated, undertaken and completed with success.

Work/Topics covered –

Year 3: Patterns in other cultures; The work of Paul Klee

Year 4: My own environment; Surrealism and dreams

Year 5: Aboriginal art; David Hockney landscapes; Op Art; Still life drawing

Year 6: Surrealism; Mask making & ethnic masks; Still life painting/observational work

Year 7: Illustration; Fauvism; Contemporary street art/issues-based art

Year 8: Cubism; Figurative sculptures, the work of Alberto Giacometti; Self-portraits using advertising and text.

Wycliffe Lower Prep Art Day

Below are some photos from our recent Art Day – the children really enjoyed being creative and getting involved in all sorts of artistic activities.

Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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