Moving from a school abroad to Wycliffe in Year 7 was a challenge for Isabella. “I was so shy and didn’t know anyone”. So she decided to push herself out of her comfort zone and joined Drama. It was the turning point for her. “I found a good group of friends and I discovered I quite liked being on stage. It has helped my confidence.”

For Isabella, Wycliffe is the “perfect size”. “I would have struggled in a larger school and would have just got lost in a class of 30. My English and Science tutors are great. I can go to them with any problem or concern and they take the time to listen.”

Isabella is a day pupil and loves being part of Collingwood, Wycliffe’s mixed day house. “I like the community feeling at Collingwood with both genders getting on really well.”

It is the mixing with different cultures that has inspired Isabella to set a goal of working in the Navy as a psychologist. “We have a family history of working in the Navy but meeting pupils from the Armed Forces and listening to their families and their parents has got me even more interested.”

Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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