We are a Christian foundation and that is an important part of our tradition, but we are also a vibrant multi-faith community which embraces and supports those of all faiths, and none.  We meet as a community on most mornings of each week to share thoughts and ideas related to a moral theme and these are examined from a whole range of viewpoints.  The pupils are given the opportunity to run a service by themselves each week (with support from our Chaplain).  If you are a member of a faith where attending a Christian Church Service presents a problem, the Tuesday and Thursday services are sufficiently general that they should not be an issue whilst the Wednesday one is of a more overtly Christian nature.  However, non-attendance for religious reasons can be discussed on an individual basis.  You will have the chance to join an informal discussion group which looks at a range of moral and spiritual topics and, should you be seeking Baptism and/or Confirmation, then that can also be arranged.   The Chaplain is available for individual chats and regularly visits the houses on a rotation basis to assist in the preparation of House Chapels and to talk to the House communities.

The Chaplain also ensures that those of other faiths have the opportunity to contact a religious leader of their own tradition should they so wish.  If you would like more information or have a specific enquiry, please contact: Revd. John McHale (College Chaplain) john.mchale@wycliffe.co.uk

Open Afternoon for Reception to Year 2

Friday 20th March

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