Moving towards a more sustainable way of living is vital, and that is why at Wycliffe College, sustainability is always at the forefront of our minds.

We all know that transport is essential for getting around, so in January 2023 we launched a campaign with Octopus Energy called a “Salary Sacrifice Car Scheme” which allows our employees to access a fantastic range of electric vehicles with no upfront cost. Since launching this campaign, we already have one member of staff who has a car on order.

Free parking, no congestion charge and lower running costs are just a few of the benefits to having an electric car and that is before you mention the advantages to the environment.

We are aiming to reduce our impact on the environment and are working towards a greener future.

How can our students get involved?

Two of our students have created an Eco-society where others can learn how their actions could affect the environment and give tips on how individuals can become more Eco-friendly. Head to the art block on Monday lunch period to join up and see for yourself.

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