Exciting futures all over the world for Wycliffe 2022 leavers

Date Posted: 18th August

Categories: Results

It’s a ‘ton’ of good news for the 81 Year 13 leavers at Wycliffe College this morning with – for the very first time – a round-figure of 100 of all A Level grades achieved at the Stonehouse school being either A* or A.

That number of A* and A grades represents more than four out of every ten results secured in this Summer’s exams. In addition, well over 60% have come in at B or higher.

Alongside these, BTEC pupils celebrated excellent results in Business, Digital Production and Sport, with two-thirds of Sports awards hitting the top Distinction and Distinction* grades.

It had been an anxious wait for pupils after the return of exams for the first time since 2019 but the record-breaking results at the top-end are a fitting reward for all of their efforts.

Wycliffe students posing outdoors

The hard work of Wycliffe’s Year 13 leavers, and those of their similarly committed and dedicated teachers, have opened up a wide range of opportunities across a variety of courses and University destinations both within the United Kingdom, as well as in the United States, Germany, Spain, Holland, Switzerland and even Costa Rica (for a course in Sustainable Tourism Management).

Headmaster of Wycliffe College, Nick Gregory, commented:

“Even in a normal year, sound-bites from a Head can never fully do justice to the myriad journeys and stories of individual pupils that have led up to them achieving the results that they have. However, given this cohort last experienced a ‘normal year’ of school back in Year 10, as well as knowing of many extraordinarily difficult sets of circumstances that a number of them have had to face, I cannot remember feeling prouder of a set of pupils than I do today. The perseverance and resilience of our girls and boys have been remarkable.”

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