What year did you join Wycliffe?

I joined the Nursery when I was two years old.

Why did you come to Wycliffe to study?

My parents admired the beauty of the school grounds and believed that the School helps to shape like-minded children.

What A Levels did you study?

Art, Biology, Chemistry, EPQ

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to join Wycliffe?

Make sure you try everything you possibly can; there are so many opportunities you don’t want to look back on when you’re older and regret not trying out a new skill that you could’ve enjoyed or thrived at.

What positive experiences have you had at school?

I have loved being able to interact with different people in my year and across the whole school in the various activities outside of the classroom, such as Hockey, Netball, choir, and CCF, as I have made so many friends, which I would’ve never without these activities.

What is your biggest achievement at Wycliffe?

My biggest achievement at Wycliffe was my GCSE results, which I was overjoyed about!

How did your teachers/ Careers department help you when selecting A Levels and considering a future career?

I have always known what profession I wanted to go into, so my teachers and the career department helped advise me on the best A Level choices to increase my chances of getting into that career pathway—this being Medicine, which is a very competitive course, therefore any advice from my teachers on how to improve my chances of being accepted, I willingly followed.

What is your plan after Wycliffe?

I will be attending the Medical School of the University of Nicosia! I will be undertaking their Medicine course in Cyprus starting this September.

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