As a parent or guardian, School Allocation Days can be full of anticipation; filled with the hope that your child will be allocated a space at your preferred school, to the worry of what to do if your child isn’t offered the school you both wanted. However, with more and more children applying for schools every year the demand for certain schools is increasing. While many families are relieved to find out their child has secured a place at their first-choice school; for others Allocation Days aren’t quite as joyous and can be quite stressful. Wycliffe share what parents can do if you aren’t happy with the school your child has been allocated and the alternative options available to consider.

I’m not happy with my child’s placement, what’s next?

When it comes to school allocation days; every year parents around the country face the overwhelming news that their child hasn’t been offered their first-choice school, leaving parents unhappy with the school place they’ve been offered. While it can be easy to panic in this situation, try not to worry there are a few options you have that can be taken:

  • Accept the place you’ve been offered
  • Join waiting lists for alternative schools
  • Appeal to your local Council to have your case reviewed
  • Be patient and wait for the Council to issue re-offer available spaces.

To find out more about how you can appeal or to identify the position you are on the waiting list for your preferred school, you can contact the primary school admissions department at your local council to enquire.

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What Other Options Do I Have?

Now you’ve applied for alternative schools, joined waiting lists for second-choice schools or submitted an application form to appeal, what else can be done? While there are other options available, we understand they may not be applicable to everyone’s lifestyle and it’s important to make the decision that’s right for your child and your family.

A few examples of other options parents have taken in the past have been to either home school their child or consider moving to a new area. Home schooling is an option that may not suit everyone’s lifestyle especially following the latest lockdown where all parents have had to experience home schooling in some capacity. However, it’s an option available to all parents should they be unhappy with the school placement their child has been given. Another option could be to consider moving to a new house. Relocating to a different area may increase your chances of securing a place for your child at an alternative school in a neighbouring area. This should be carefully considered as moving to a new area may not automatically guarantee a space for your child and this normally has to be done before allocation day so your residency can be confirmed.  Moving your child to a new school can have pros and cons, for more information, refer to our latest article to find out how Wycliffe can support families relocating.


Consider Independent Schooling Options

Making the move from a state school to a private school can seem like a big jump, not to mention can incur costs you may not have planned for. However, it could be the best option for your child long-term to give them a life-long enjoyment of learning and prepare them fully for the outside world. Considering sending your child to an independent school may mean one or two less trips away each year or delaying that new kitchen you’ve been dreaming of but can have far-reaching benefits for your child.

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Benefits of an Independent School Education

The best school for your child is one where they feel happy, safe and enjoy being there each day; one where your child has access to the resources and support, they need to exceed and truly thrive in their education. For some parents, this may mean making the switch from state school to private school to be able to offer their child a life-long education where they can receive the individualised support in order to achieve their best. While a private education can come with tuition fees, they may not be as out of reach as you may think. Perhaps it may lead to a few sacrifices in order to afford the fees, but that may truly be worth it in order to give your child the best education you can,

One of the biggest benefits of an independent education are the smaller class sizes which means that teachers can give their pupils individualised learning opportunities and adapt teaching to cater for personal learning styles. In addition, independent schools have more academic freedom and can often offer a wider range of subjects and extra-curricular activities over the state schools. With all these advantages you may find that an independent education could be a genuine possibility your family should consider; one you hadn’t considered beforehand.

Why Wycliffe Could Be a Good Option for Your Child & Family

Our Value-Added Programme

Wycliffe’s value-added is one of the best in the country as they aim to support children through continuous monitoring, tracking and assessments meaning the pupil’s progression is reviewed regularly to help put strategies in place to help them succeed. This means you can have peace of mind that your child will develop and thrive at Wycliffe.

Extra-curricular opportunities

An independent education aims to develop the whole person – not just from the academic perspective. While we are focused on our pupils achieving their best academically; we are passionate about ensuring they thrive in other ways, such as creatively and spiritually, as well as building confidence and independence. Wycliffe offer a range of opportunities for pupils to try new things or build on talents they may already have with our extensive extra-curricular programme. From fencing to beekeeping to performing arts and trips and expedition days (when restrictions allow); we have something to suit every child and personality.

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A Beautiful Countryside Setting & Outstanding Facilities

Wycliffe’s Independent School is based in the beautiful countryside of Gloucestershire. Our campus and facilities provide an inclusive, safe and stimulating environment where pupils can be creative, innovative and thrive; allowing them to reach their full potential. As well as having access to vast green spaces, our pupils can benefit from our state-of-the-art facilities including a full-size Astro-turf pitch, swimming pool, Boat House, Art and DT workshops and theatre.


Wraparound Care and Occasional Boarding

We understand that every family’s situation is different which is why we offer various options for before and after school care. For Reception to Year 2, pupils can enjoy Wraparound Care from 8am-6pm in the Prep School. This provides a perfect solution for parents who need to drop off early or pick up later than the usual school day. For Years 3 to 8, there are late afternoon Prep sessions until 5.30pm and pupils can join the boarders for supper at 5.45pm and stay until 6pm. Day pupils can board on the odd night (as and when needed) or commit to a regular boarding night(s) on a weekly basis.

Excellent Pastoral Care

Wycliffe are proud to provide quality pastoral care, so you know that your son or daughter is cared for and nurtured throughout each stage of their educational journey. We have been recognised for the positive relationships our staff have with all our pupils and the community and support we offer.

Talk to Wycliffe today

If you and your child are unhappy with the place you have been offered following the recent allocation days for Reception & Year 7, learn more about Wycliffe Independent School and how you can apply for a place or, for further information, contact us today.

Wycliffe’s Independent School is based in the beautiful countryside of Gloucestershire welcoming students from the age of 3-19 in our Pre-Prep School, Prep School and Senior School.



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