What is a typical day like in your role?

No two days are the same! I usually take 1 or 2 families per day for a tour of the Prep School to give them an idea of what to expect when they join Wycliffe – they meet staff and current pupils and get to have a personal meeting with Mrs Grant, Head of Prep. Families leave with lots of information, and I then follow up on their visit to answer any questions they have and to get the next steps of the admissions process underway.

What is one of your favourite aspects of the role?

Meeting new families, 100%. Every child is an individual; their hobbies, favourite parts of the school and what they want to achieve throughout their time at Wycliffe. Having grown up in Gloucestershire personally, it’s always lovely to meet local children, but meeting families from different parts of the UK and the globe means I meet a lot of families, with plenty of stories to tell!

How do you ensure that families have all the information they need before choosing a school for their child?

Parents will always receive a prospectus based on their child’s prospective year group, but the tour that I take families on will always be tailored and personalised to the families interests; whether they want to see our Boarding Houses, see our Early Years offering or to see the large areas of outdoor space which is on offer. Children will have the opportunity to ‘experience it themselves’ as they can attend taster days and overnight stays (if they’re looking at boarding with us) to ensure they feel Wycliffe is the right place for them before the paperwork is completed.

What would you advise potential families to do when selecting a School?

I would always recommend looking at more than one school and preferably in person, a setting may look fantastic online, but you always get a ‘gut feeling’ when you visit somewhere. I also wouldn’t rush the process; make sure that choosing a school is as calm as possible and that the child has a say in where they will be going.

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